LD-301S Scrapper, also known simply as Scrapper, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is an Ancient Robot used by Gondo's grandfather to collect scrap from the Surface before he broke down as a result of age. Scrapper is the only operational Ancient Robot with flight capabilities seen in the present day. Despite his diminutive size, Scrapper is incredibly strong, capable of keeping up with Link's Loftwing while carrying loads several times his own size. He makes fun of Link by calling him "Master Shortpants". If Link talks to him at night, Scrapper will reveal that Gondo is building a washing machine for his mother.


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During his travels, Link must acquire an Ancient Flower, whose oil is needed to repair Scrapper. Scrapper dislikes Link, and initially refuses to aid him in retrieving the Windmill Propeller that had fallen from Skyloft and ended up in the Eldin Volcano region. However, when Fi appears before him and communicates with him telepathically, Scrapper becomes deeply enamored of her, calling her "Mistress Fi", and agrees to help Link, if only for Fi's sake. He does bear thinly masked contempt for Link, however, and will passive-aggressively refer to him as "Master Shortpants" whenever they meet, as well as criticize Link's treatment of Fi.

Later, Scrapper helps Link transport side-quest items such as Dodoh's Party Wheel from the Lanayru Desert to Fun Fun Island, and carry a crystal ball found above the entrance of the Earth Temple to Sparrot so he can replace his previous crystal ball since it was broken. During his trip to retrieve the Party Wheel from Lanayru Desert, he will comment that the desert feels familiar, indicating that like the other Ancient Robots, Scrapper was originally from the region before it became a desert, which explains why he fails to completely recognize the region due to it having changed since he lived there, though he can't help but sense that the region feels familiar.

When transporting the Water Dragon's basin from Lake Floria to the summit of Eldin Volcano, Scrapper, who has no defensive capabilities because his hands are full, must be protected from harm by Link.

After Pumm makes his offering of Pumpkin Soup for Levias, Scrapper again assists Link in transporting the soup to within the Thunderhead.

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