This article is about the dungeon. For the location, see Lanayru Mine.

The Lanayru Mining Facility (ラネール錬石場 Ranēru Ren Seki Jō?, Lanayru Stone Refinery) is the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Located in Lanayru Desert, it was once a grand factory used for excavating and refining Timeshift Stones, objects that allow people to manipulate time. However, it has since fallen into disrepair and Link must enter and discover the mysteries within. It is the only dungeon in Skyward Sword that does not have a mini-boss.


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In pursuit of Zelda, Link journeys to Lanayru Desert and learns about the ruins of an old civilization known as the Ancient Robots. Link discovers the use of their Timeshift Stones and their ability to distort time bringing their immediate physical area into the past, back when the Lanayru Desert was a luscious grassland. Using the Timeshift Stones, Link is able to actually meet with the Ancient Robots from the past, helping and allowing him to navigate the desert into the mines.

Link uses his dowsing ability to trace Zelda back to the Temple of Time, whose entrance has been been destroyed, causing a massive wall of rubble to prevent him from advancing into the the Temple. Link learns from a Robot that there was another underground entrance into the Temple of Time using the Lanayru Mining Facility. To unearth it, Link must activate three ancient power nodes hidden throughout the Facility's surrounding area to actively power a certain generator.

Link navigates the facility, encounters and defeats Moldarach, and then uses an ancient mine cart in the past to enter the ruins of the Temple of Time from underground. In the Temple, he sees Zelda and the unidentified servant of the Goddess, who are about to enter the Gate of Time. Their brief reunion is cut short when Ghirahim suddenly bursts through the rubble blocking the Temple's entrance. He attempts to stop Zelda from entering the gate but the unidentified servant blocks his attacks. In the commotion Zelda tosses the Goddess's Harp to Link. Ghirahim manages to break through the servant's shield, but Link disrupts Ghirahim's attacks and keeps him away from Zelda and the unidentified woman, giving them time to escape through the gate. The woman quickly expresses gratitude toward Link in a manner that seems apologetic for her harshness at the Earth Temple. Although Ghirahim easily fends off Link using magic, Link distracts him long enough for the unknown woman and Zelda to enter the gate, which the unknown woman destroys upon their entrance. In his fury, Ghirahim vanishes, claiming to be too busy to deal with Link, and threatening to deafen Link with the sounds of his own screams the next time they meet.

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