The Lanayru Province (LANALU) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is the central and biggest province of Hyrule and is located west of the Eldin Province, and east of the Peak Province. The Zoras and the Hylians live in this province. It has the largest population of all the provinces, and it seems to be Hyrule's capital territory. The Lanayru Province is named after the Light Spirit Lanayru. In the center of the Lanayru Province is Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Castle Town. It also contains Zora's River, Zora's Domain, and Lake Hylia.


The Lanayru Province is the very place where the Hylians originated. Many of the major events in their history took place here, following the founding of the royal family and their building of Hyrule Castle Town. The Zora also come from the Lanayru Province, where they prosper in Zora's Domain in the north.


Another incarnation of the Lanayru province exists in Breath of the Wild and like Lanayru Province from Twilight Princess, it is home to Zora's Domain and Zora's River, while places like Lake Hylia and Hyrule Castle are located outside of Lanayru province. This along with the fact that the Zora's Domain in Breath of the Wild was apparently founded 10,000 years prior indicates that it may not be the original Lanayru province. Additionally like the GameCube version, Lanayru Province is located in the eastern part of Hyrule.

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