Leaf is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He is a red Fairy, who is the Spirit of Power, one of the Three Spirits. Like Neri and part of Ciela, Leaf is captured by Bellum prior to the events of the game, and sealed away to weaken the Ocean King.


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Leaf is the first of the Three Spirits that Link encounters, after he frees him from Blaaz in the Temple of Fire on the Isle of Ember. After finding Spirit Island and gathering enough Power Gems (ten and twenty, respectively), Link can power up Leaf, so that when equipped, small flames appear on Link's sword (ten Power Gems), or engulf his whole sword in fire (20 gems). If Oshus's Sword is equipped with Leaf, it can stun Phantoms and Reaplings by hitting them in the back. Like his fairy companions, Leaf can open up a special door in the Temple of the Ocean King, and leaves Link at the end of the game to stay with the Ocean King.

He is the only male fairy in the game, and has a symbol identical to the Mark of Din.

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