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Lesser Hyrule (aka Lesser Kingdom of Hyrule, Land of Hyrule and the Death Moutain Area) is the region of Zelda seen in the original Legend of Zelda, and an area seen in the Adventure of Link in Western Hyrule. Hyrule Historia establishes this region as Lesser Hyrule after the decline after Golden Era, when the Great King of Hyrule died. This takes place during the Link's defeat split in the timeline.


After the death of the Great King of Hyrule, during the Age of Chaos (the Era of Decline), no one appeared who was able to wield the Triforce, and Hyrule divided again and again, continuing to shrink. The proud kingdom of Hyrule had once covered a vast area of land, but the passage of the ages saw its decline, and it eventually shrank into a single, small kingdom which came to be known as Lesser Hyrule.

Though the Triforce of Wisdom continued to be handed down from generation to generation, as the long years passed, the existence of the Triforce of Courage and the tragedy of Princess Zelda were also lost to memory.

While the Demon King Ganon had been defeated countless times by heroes in the past, he was thought to have been resurrected after many years. Leading a demon army, he invaded Lesser Hyrule, seeking the Triforce. No longer bearing any trace of the man known as the Great Thief, Ganondorf, he opposed Link in the form of a demonic beast, bereft of intelligence.


Death Mountain Area.png

Underground labyrinths dot the regions of Hyrule. To the southeast, the soil is fertile, blanketed by forests and rivers, while the west holds an expansive graveyard and the Lost Woods, where travelers are led astray. In the rugged and mountainous north lies the fortress of the Demon King Ganon. The location of Hyrule Castle is unclear.

The general layout of Breath of the Wild's Hyrule and some of the landmarks are based off of the map of Lesser Hyrule from the Era of Decline, in particular Spectacle Rock. The Hero Set gear and Sword of the ancient hero (from the Amiibo rune and Classic Link) makes references to the events of this period.

To the east the coast is the Great Hyrulean Sea (Great Sea).


Surrounded by harsh but abundant nature, the people have taken up residence and live out their day-to-day lives in caves and dwellings under the earth. Likewise, the traders of Hyrule peddle their wares in caves underground, selling a variety of objects. One can also find springs where fairies reside, which act as places of healing for travelers.

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