For the item from The Wind Waker, see Note to Mom.

"Now Kafei... He says he wants you to take this to his mother."
Man from the Curiosity Shop

The Letter to Mama, also known as the Priority Mail or Express Mail, is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This letter was written by the runaway Kafei for his mother, Madame Aroma, as an explanation for his disappearance.


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Link is given the Letter to Mama, as well as the Keaton Mask, by the Man from the Curiosity Shop in the Backroom of the Curiosity Shop on the afternoon of the Final Day. However, this will occur only if Link has successfully met Kafei, and not prevented Sakon from making his delivery of stolen goods to the Curiosity Shop.

Link can do one of three conventional things with the Letter to Mama. The first is to personally deliver the letter to Madame Aroma in the Milk Bar while wearing Kafei's Mask in exchange for a bottle filled with Chateau Romani and her heartfelt gratitude. If Link delivers the letter to Madame Aroma after obtaining a new bottle while wearing Kafei's Mask in exchange for 50 Rupees, or a Fishing Hole Pass in 3DS remake, and her heartfelt gratitude. On the Night of the Final Day, when the Post Office opens, he may also present it to the Postman for delivery. When the Postman delivers the letter to Madame Aroma, he is relieved of his duties and instructed to flee from Clock Town to escape the Moon's impending fall. Before he flees, the Postman gives Link his Postman's Hat, as he has no further need of it.

Lastly, the letter can be given to ???, the strange hand living in the toilet of the Stock Pot Inn. This character will use the letter as toilet paper and give Link a Piece of Heart as a reward. This is the least favorable use for the letter, however, as this task can also be achieved by presenting ??? with any other items made of paper as well.

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