This article is about Level 3, a dungeon of the Second Quest. For the dungeon in the First Quest see Level 3.

Level 3 is the third dungeon of the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda, and the twelfth dungeon in the game overall. Its map forms an 'L' shape, with two additional rooms that are found away from the main map and are accessible via a secret passage.



Level 3, in the Second Quest, is found in the same place where Level 2 was located in the First Quest. It is hidden in the forest to the east of the screen where the game begins. To access the concealed entrance, Link must play the Recorder, which will dry up the pond and reveal a hidden staircase.

It is advisable to collect the White Sword before entering this dungeon, as Link now has enough Heart Containers to do so if he has collected each of the ones found in the previous dungeons. He must purchase Food in order to acquire the Magical Boomerang since the Hungry Goriya first encountered in Level 7 of the First Quest will be here to again block Link's path unless he bribes it with a meal. If he doesn't want the Magical Boomerang, the food isn't necessary to complete the level.





A Map of Level 3 during the Second Quest