This article is about Level 8, a dungeon of the Second Quest. For the dungeon in the First Quest see Level 8.

Level 8 is the eighth dungeon of the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda, and the seventeenth dungeon in the game overall. This level is well known for being a difficult level, not because of the enemies, but because of the constant use of puzzles to get through the level. Food is also required to complete the level, as there is another Hungry Goriya. Its shape is a spiral, the reverse of Level 7.


Level 8, in the Second Quest, is concealed behind a mountain wall. To reveal the entrance, Link must stand in the river which feeds into Lake Hylia and bomb the wall until an opening appears. The entrance is found one screen west of the base of the waterfall, toward the western edge of the screen.

The location of this dungeon is revealed by an Old Man in Level 6, who tells Link, "SOUTH OF ARROW MARK HIDES A SECRET." As the Old Man says, Level 8 is located south of the screen where Link obtains the Magical Sword. The rocks on this screen form the shape of an arrow.





Map of Level 8 during the Second Quest