"Drink this and all of Link's LIFE hearts will turn red. Red water turns blue when Link sips it. Drink the blue water and that's the last of the water."
The Legend of Zelda manual

Life Potion, also known as Blue Water of Life, is an item from the The Legend of Zelda. This magical potion restores all of Link's Hearts. It will also cure him of the jinx placed on him by Bubbles.

In order to purchase Life Potion, Link first must obtain a Letter from an Old Man. Prior to acquiring this Letter, Link may come across caves in which he finds an Old Woman who does not speak. Once he shows the letter to any one of these women, they all become willing to sell him Life Potion and 2nd Potion. When 2nd Potion is consumed, it becomes Life Potion. Life potion costs forty Rupees, and 2nd Potion costs sixty-eight Rupees. If Link already has Life Potion in his inventory and purchases another one, it will turn into 2nd Potion, effectively giving him a refill.


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