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"A light sword meant for younger adventures. Use a Strong Attack to jump away from attacks, and then follow through with a midair strike!"
— In-game description

Light Sword is the default weapon type used by Toon Link in Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends.

It is described as a light weight sword meant for younger adventurers. Its Strong Attack allows Link to jump away from attacks, and then follow through with a midair strike. Pressing the Regular Attack while he is in midair allows Link to attack in midair with the Deku Leaf It also allows him to dodge by jumping it the air, effectively allowing it to double as an evasive move. Pressing the Strong attack button while he is in the air allows him to return to the ground with a powerful Jump Attack that allows him to damage a number of nearby enemies, making it useful for taking out large crowds of enemies. Some of Toon Link's combo attacks resemble those used by Link, though others resemble techniques such as the Hurricane Spin from The Wind Waker and the Great Spin Attack from The Minish Cap. His strong attack also somewhat resembles his jumping Parry from The Wind Waker, as it allows him to dodge and attack, though not automatically (as it lacks the Parry's countering ability from The Wind Waker).

Its Special Attack is the Hurricane Spin which leaves Toon Link dizzy for a brief period after it is perform. During his Focus Spirit Attack, his sword glows with energy making it resemble Toon Link's Tears of Light charged sword from Spirit Tracks.

Its default Level 1 is the Hero's Sword and Hero's Shield used by Toon Link in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and has a Lightning Elemental Attribute. Its Level 2 is the Phantom Sword and Shield of Antiquity. Its Level 3 is the Lokomo Sword and Mirror Shield.

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