"Time certainly flies...I can't believe you're already old enough to wear these clothes....Don't look so disappointed dear one. Today is a day to celebrate! It is the day that you become the same age as the young hero spoken in all of the legends. You only have to wear them for one day, so don't look so down. Be proud, child!"
— Link's Grandma

Link's Grandma is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. As her title implies, she is the grandmother of Link and Aryll. She lives on Outset Island with her two grandchildren.


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In the beginning of the game, on Link's birthday, she gives him the Hero's Clothes as a birthday present. After Aryll is kidnapped by the Helmaroc King, Link heads towards his Grandmother's house to obtain the Hero's Shield, where his Grandmother sadly gives it to him. Before Link leaves Outset Island, she cries because she has lost Aryll, and is about to lose Link as well. Though she is sad to see him go, she says good-bye and asks him to be safe as well as bring back Aryll.

When Link returns to Outset Island obtaining two of the pearls, he finds his grandma burdened with so much fear of losing both of her grandchildren that she cannot even recognize him. After he captures a fairy in a bottle and gives it to her, she recuperates and is able to help herself as well as Link on his journey.

Throughout Link's adventure, she shows signs of love towards him and sadness towards his departure. She wants to help Link in the best way that she can. After she is cured of her depression, she will give him a bottle of Elixir Soup (containing two servings), which fully replenishes both Link's health and magic power. Her home-made soup also allows Link to deal twice as much damage to foes, so long as he has full health. When Link runs out, he can come back to her and get a refill. Unlike other potions and such, Link only have one bottle of the Elixir Soup at a time, most likely do to its double-damage properties. At some point in Link's adventure, she sends him 20 Rupees that she has saved up.

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Non-canonical appearances

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Link's Grandma is featured as a sticker. Her sticker gives a +2 bonus to arm and leg attacks, and can only be applied to Link, Toon Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. She is also featured as a trophy.

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Lenzo, the pictograph loving shop owner on Windfall Island, hints at a previous relationship with a young woman on Outset, and then concludes that she was no longer as young as she once was. Link's Grandma is the eldest female on Outset and appears nearer to Lenzo's age than any of the other residents of the island, which may imply that Link's Grandma was Lenzo's love interest and that Lenzo is possibly Link's grandfather.

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