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"Hear my name and tremble! I am Link! Hero of the Gorons!"
— Link of the Gorons

Link of the Gorons is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is a Goron, and the son of Darunia; Darunia named him after his sworn brother, Link. Darunia became Link's sworn brother after Link defeated King Dodongo and cleared the Dodongo's Cavern of all the monsters inside. Sometime during the seven years that Link was sealed away in the Sacred Realm, Darunia had a son, and named him after the "legendary Dodongo Buster". Link of the Gorons has the same appearance as all the generic Gorons in the game, except he is much smaller.

Depending on the name of the player, Link of the Gorons will not be named "Link", but instead will be named whatever name the player named himself or herself.


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Link of the Gorons can be found rolling around Goron City when Link is an adult; the only Goron found in the main center of the city. He is on the same floor as where the giant Hot Rodder Goron used to roll seven years earlier. Link halts the rolling of Link of the Gorons with a Bomb or Bombchu; at first, Link of the Gorons mistakes Link for one of Ganondorf's henchmen, but he soon realizes that Link is the legendary hero after whom he was named. Link of the Gorons tells Link that Ganondorf has revived the evil dragon Volvagia, and has captured all the Gorons, except himself, Darunia, the Goron Shop Owner, Medigoron and Biggoron, and that he plans to feed the Gorons to the dragon as a warning to any other race that may try to oppose him. In order to try and prevent this from happening, his father Darunia has gone to the Fire Temple to rescue the rest of the Gorons and defeat Volvagia. Before Link heads off to the Fire Temple to aid Darunia, Link of the Gorons informs him of the secret passage in Darunia's bedroom that leads to Death Mountain Crater and ultimately, the Fire Temple. He is also given the Goron Tunic, a tunic that enables its wearer to withstand extreme heat. Oddly enough, if Link approaches Link of the Gorons before stopping his rolling, Link of the Gorons will momentarily stop rolling and then start rolling in the opposite direction.

Link successfully frees the captive Gorons and defeats Volvagia with the Megaton Hammer of legend, and awakens Darunia as the Sage of Fire. Link returns to Goron City, and is thanked by Link of the Gorons.

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