The main events of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker unfold in the land of the Great Sea. The following is a list of locations that are featured or mentioned in the game.

Angular Isles

Bird's Peak Rock

Boating Course

Bomb Island

C-c-cold Island

Cliff Plateau Isles

Crescent Moon Island

Cyclops Reef

Diamond Steppe Island

Dragon Roost Island

Eastern Fairy Island

Eastern Triangle Island

Fire Mountain

Five-Eye Reef

Five-Star Isles

Flight Control Platform

Forest Haven

Forsaken Fortress

Four-Eye Reef

Gale Isle

Ghost Ship

Greatfish Isle

Hidden Holes

Headstone Island

Horseshoe Island


Ice Ring Isle

Islet of Steel

Lookout Platforms

Mother & Child Isles

Needle Rock Isle

Northern Fairy Island

Northern Triangle Isle

Outset Island

Overlook Island

Pawprint Isle

Private Oasis

Rock Spire Isle

Seven-Star Isles

Shark Island

Six-Eye Reef

Southern Fairy Island

Southern Triangle Island

Spectacle Island

Star Belt Archipelago

Star Island

Stone Watcher Island


Thorned Fairy Island

Three-Eye Reef

Tingle Island

Tower of the Gods

Two-Eye Reef

Western Fairy Island

Windfall Island