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An in-game map of Hyrule (GameCube directions)

"When all was chaos, the goddesses descended and gave order and life to the world. They granted power equally to all who dwelt in the light, and then returned to the heavens. The lands where the goddesses descended came to be known as the Sacred Realm."

There are a number of locations in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The story takes place in the fictional kingdom of Hyrule, which is split up into six distinct provinces. In the GameCube version, the widely accepted canon variation of the game, most regions are located in approximately the same place as they were found in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (for example, Lake Hylia is found in the southwest in both games, and the Gerudo Desert (Gerudo Valley in Ocarina of Time) in the west).

Note: All cardinal directions are mirrored east-west in the Wii version of the game. For example, Eldin Province, which is officially in the northeast, is in the northwest in the Wii version. The article will henceforth use directions from the GameCube version.


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Dig Caverns

Wolf Link entering a Dig Cavern

There are numerous small underground caves found throughout Hyrule that can only be accessed using Wolf Link's digging ability. These caverns contain several enemies. Once all of the enemies have been defeated, a treasure chest usually appears. These chests normally contain Rupees, or, less frequently, Pieces of Heart.

Lantern Caverns

Lantern Caverns are optional mini-dungeons hidden around Hyrule. They can be completed for Poe Souls and Pieces of Heart, as well as Rupees. They are named due to the almost constant need for a lit Lantern, as the caverns are very dark. However, the oil in a lantern usually cannot last the entire length of the cavern, so Yellow Chus found inside must be used to refill the oil level. There are two Lantern Caverns in Hyrule; one near Kakariko Gorge, the other in Lake Hylia.

City in the Sky

The city's Sky Cannon entrance

The City in the Sky, a set of floating buildings, is home to the ancient Oocca race, a group of bird-like creatures. Set high above the ground, it can only be reached by use of a giant cannon that was once hidden under Renado's home in Kakariko Village. The city is composed of four egg-shaped stone buildings connected by stone bridges to a central tower, and small gardens cover most of the roofs. Many of the floors of the city contain gaps, and Link often requires the use of the Double Clawshots to cross them. When Link reaches the city, it is being terrorized by the dragon Argorok, which also possesses the last shard of the Mirror of Twilight that Link needs.

Oocca Shop

In the City in the Sky, there is a shop owned by an Oocca. Link can get a variety of items here, including red and blue potions, arrows, and bombs. When Link first enters the shop, the Oocca attempts to talk to him in its own language, then realizes Link has no idea what it's saying and speaks to him in Hylian.

Desert Province

The Desert Province lies to the far west and is one of two provinces that is not watched over by a Light Spirit, the other being Peak Province. Much of the Desert Province is blanketed by the massive Gerudo Desert. The Arbiter's Grounds can be found in the northwest of this province.

Gerudo Desert

The sands of the Gerudo Desert

The Gerudo Desert is a desert wasteland to the west of Lake Hylia that is the home of the Arbiter's Grounds dungeon. The Cave of Ordeals can be found in the southwest of the desert, where the Great Fairy resides. Gerudo Desert is inaccessible by conventional means from the rest of Hyrule; one must either pay Fyer for a cannon trip there or use a warp portal to Gerudo Mesa. The Mirror Chamber exists on top of the Arbiter's Grounds. In the northern part of the desert lies the Arbiter's Grounds, an ancient, abandoned prison. At its base are the ruins of the Hylian fortress now overrun by Bulblins. When translated from Hylian, the maps of Hyrule calls this region the "Great Desert".

Arbiter's Grounds

The first room of Arbiter's Grounds

Located in Gerudo Desert, Arbiter's Grounds includes an ancient arena housing the Mirror of Twilight. It was originally used as a prison due to its isolation to the rest of Hyrule. When viewed from a distance, Arbiter's Grounds resembles the Colosseum of ancient Rome, while on the inside it resembles Egyptian ruins. Resting in the second basement of the dungeon is a lone sword tied down by a number of ropes. Cutting the ropes awakens the mini-boss, Death Sword, who bears a resemblance to Phantom Ganon. After obtaining the Spinner by defeating Death Sword, Link found and defeated the resurrected Stallord. Arbiter's Grounds shares a similar theme to the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time in which Link must defeat four flame-stealing Poes before he can continue his quest through the dungeon. The sages of the Hylian Royal Family originally dwelt here, protecting the Mirror of Twilight.

Mirror Chamber

The Mirror of Twilight atop Arbiter's Grounds

The Mirror Chamber is a room located above the Arbiter's Grounds, but Link cannot gain access until after he defeats Stallord, the dungeon's boss. When Link and Midna first enter the Mirror Chamber, Link must use the Spinner to reach the top of a giant statue and raise the Mirror of Twilight from beneath the sand. Upon doing so, they find the Mirror of Twilight broken, with only a single shard remaining. Midna explains how the mirror allows people from the light world and denizens of the Twilight Realm to pass freely between both worlds. It was originally created to send the world's most evil and wicked villains to the Twilight Realm, a prison where none could escape. The five Ancient Sages appear and inform them of how Ganondorf was unable to be contained and escaped. They also learn that the mirror was broken by Zant. From this point, Link and Midna begin a new quest in order to retrieve three missing mirror shards to repair the mirror.

Link faces off against King Bulblin

Upon returning with the three missing shards, Link and Midna repair the mirror. Midna tells a short, but upsetting tale of how she was trying to use Link to help return her world, the Twilight Realm, to order. It was a peaceful place until Zant overthrew Midna, the Twilight Princess, and claimed the throne as his. From this point, Link begins his journey into the Twilight Realm once more. The mirror takes him to the Palace of Twilight, where Link must put an end to the evil king Zant.

Bulblin Camp

The Bulblin Camp is a small concentrated camp of Bulblins found within the outside walls of the Arbiter's Grounds. There are many wooden tents, along with archery towers, to shoot at unwanted visitors. Link must clear out many Bulblins, and while is trying to reach the entrance to Arbiter's Grounds, he encounters King Bulblin in an enclosed wooden space, and must duel with his Master Sword against King Bulblin's large axe. After his defeat, King Bulblin draws back and sets the enclosed space afire, at which point Link must take a Bullbo and ride it to ram out of the wooden space to the entrance of the Abiter's Grounds.

Gerudo Mesa

The Gerudo Mesa at night

The Gerudo Mesa is a large plateu off to the side of the Gerudo Desert. When Link first visits the Gerudo desert, he can encounter a group of Shadow Beasts, along with an Imp Poe. The missing section of the Bridge of Eldin is also found here, concealing the entrance to the Cave of Ordeals.

Cave of Ordeals

The entrance to the Cave of Ordeals

Found in Gerudo Desert, the Cave of Ordeals is a large cave is made up of fifty rooms, most of which house a group of enemies. The battles get progressively harder as Link progresses through the cave. Every ten floors, Link meets a Great Fairy, who releases fairies to each of the Spirit's Springs in Hyrule. In order to progress, Link must have some specific items to overcome particular obstacles. The final prize is a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears, along with the releasement of Great Fairies to each of the Spirit's Springs, which gives Link access to more Great Fairy Tears. The Cave of Ordeals is very similar to The Wind Waker's Savage Labyrinth.

Eldin Province

The Eldin Province is located to the east of Hyrule Field, and is presided over by the Light Spirit Eldin. It contains Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, Kakariko Gorge, as well as the eastern part of Hyrule Field, which includes the massive Bridge of Eldin. The province is named after the goddess Din. The Bridge of Eldin is also featured as a playable stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Bridge of Eldin

King Bulblin escaping the Bridge of Eldin

The Bridge of Eldin is a large bridge connecting two landmasses in the Eldin Province. After crossing it and destroying a set of boulders on the other side, a section of the bridge is taken out, and three shadow beasts appear on the side of the boulders. The missing piece of the bridge is found at the entrance of The Cave of Ordeals on the Gerudo Mesa.

Death Mountain

Walking through the hot springs

Death Mountain is a large volcano located to the north of Kakariko Village. Below the enormous mountain lies the Goron Mines, where the Gorons live and work. Due to the mountain's volcanic nature, many hot springs populate the area.

Goron Shop

The Goron Shop is a small shop operated by a Goron near the Death Mountain hot springs. It sells several goods to Link such as arrows, Wooden Shields, and Red Potions.

Goron Mines

The lava of the Goron Mines

The Goron Mines are an extensive mining operation run by the Gorons. At first, the area is heavily guarded by the Gorons, who dislike humans. After Link manages to get to the top and defeat the current Goron Elder in a sumo wrestling match, he is allowed access to the mines. The central section of the mines is mainly pits of lava crossed by bridges and mining equipment, while the outer fringes often contain pools of cold water and magnetized walls. Also in the mines are the personal rooms of three of the Goron Elders who are keeping guard over Fyrus, who was once their patriarch, Darbus, but was possessed by one of the Fused Shadows. Also in the mines is a large Goron named Dangoro who guards the heirloom Hero's Bow, and initially takes Link for a thief.

East Bridge

Link encounters the missing bridge

The East Bridge is a bridge connecting Eldin Province to Hyrule Castle Town. It is destroyed when Link first encounters it, but can be repaired by donating enough Rupees to Malo Mart in Kakariko Village.

Hidden Village

The Hidden Village in ruins

The Hidden Village is a western-style town that was once inhabited by the protectors of the Royal Family of Hyrule. During the events of the game, however, only Impaz, a woman named after the founder of the town, her cats, a Cucco Leader, and a gang of Bulblins remain. The first thing Link must do in the village is to rid it of the Bulblin gang; then, he can speak with Impaz about his quest.

When translating the Hylian Language in the Hidden Village it is found that one billboard says "Welcome to Old Kakariko". Impa was the founder of Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time, so it is likely that she is the woman that Impaz is named after

Kakariko Gorge

Kakariko Gorge is a large canyon that surrounds most of the Eldin Province. When Link first reaches it, the bridge across is gone. He is then ambushed by Shadow Beasts. After defeating them, a Twilight Portal opens in the sky, and Midna suggests that they should look for the missing bridge. By warping to the North Faron Woods, they discover the bridge and warp it back into place.

After restoring the bridge, Link is able to successfully cross and across the other side of Hyrule Field, and enter Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village

Link enters Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village is a small town situated at the base of Death Mountain. A graveyard lies behind the town, and it contains the Zora Royal Family's tomb, as well as an underwater tunnel to Lake Hylia. When the Twilight Realm covered the area, many of the villagers attacked the Shadow Beasts, and were killed, leaving the town empty except for the shaman Renado, his daughter Luda, and the demolitions expert Barnes. After Link rescues the Goron patriarch Darbus from the Goron Mines, Gorons begin to set up shop in the village. The cannon to the City in the Sky is located in the basement of the sanctuary.

Bomb Shop

One of the first shops that carries weapons, the Bomb Shop of Kakariko Village is owned and operated by Barnes the bomb-maker. When Link first enters Kakariko Village, it is covered in twilight along with the rest of the Eldin Province. While Link is tracking the Shadow Insects to clear the twilight, he must inadvertently set fire to and detonate Barnes' storage facility atop one of the cliffs behind the shop.

Link can purchase a Bomb Bag from Barnes after beating the Goron Mines, and gain the ability to carry normal bombs. Sometime later in the game, Barnes creates a new type of bomb, the Water Bomb, which can be used underwater. Water Bombs are necessary to advance at several points in the game, notably gaining entry to Lakebed Temple.

After obtaining a shard of the Mirror of Twilight from the Snowpeak Ruins, Barnes then stocks another new type of bomb called Bomblings. Very similar to Bombchus from earlier in the series, Bomblings run in a straight line and detonate when they hit an object or when they have run out of time.

Interestingly, Link can find numerous posters in the shop stating fire is prohibited in the store. If Link takes out his lit lantern, Barnes will dump water on him through the ceiling.

Barnes also operates a type of side-business in his shop where he buys back bombs for a reduced price.

Dead End

Although at the bottom of the hill leading to the so-called dead end there is a sign saying dead end ahead, Link can jump the gap between the exterior of the Elde Inn and the small cliff he is standing on very easily. After jumping, Link can continue on up to the hot spring.

Elde Inn

The exterior of the Elde Inn

One of the most prominent features of Kakariko Village, yet also one of the most unused, the Elde Inn is the location of a few key plot advancements in the game.

Link first enters the inn when he is defeating Shadow Insects, and finds several hidden inside the inn. The inn is first used by Colin after Link saves him from King Bulblin when Colin saved Beth. Later in the game, the sickly Zora prince Ralis stays in the inn under the care of the kidnapped Ordona children and the shaman Renado.

Eldin Spring

The Eldin Spring at nighttime

Eldin Spring is a large spring at the entrance to Kakariko Village. It pays homage to the Light Spirit Eldin. Like the other Spirit's Springs, Link must gather the Tears of Light from Shadow Insects across the province. Notably, if Link bombs a large rock near the spring, he can access behind it, in which there is a very deep pool of water, at the bottom of which are several Rupees and a Piece of Heart.

Kakariko Graveyard

Kakariko Graveyard in twilight

Like its Ocarina of Time counterpart, the Kakariko Graveyard is found behind Kakariko Village, and houses the tombs and grave markings of various deceased villagers and other people. Link must first visit the graveyard looking for Shadow Insects while the Eldin Province is covered twilight. Later on in the game, after successfully transporting Ilia, Telma, and the sick Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village, the deceased Queen Rutela leads Link to the graveyard, where she shows him the entrance to the Zora tomb behind the graveyard's furthest wall. It is in here that she opens her deceased husband's tomb and allows Link to take the Zora Armor.

Link must visit the graveyard and Zora tomb once more when he goes in search of the monster from the Snowpeak mountains. After eliciting reactions from various Zora by using Ashei's Sketch, Link goes in search of Prince Ralis, who has the Coral Earring necessary to catching the Reekfish. Link finds him by his father's tomb, and after a thorough conversation, obtains the earring from him, while instilling courage in the young prince as well.

King Zora's Grave

After Link has escorted the horse and cart with the sick Ralis in it, the spirit of Queen Rutela appears once again before Link, and leads him to the gravegard. There Link will come across a stone with the sign of the Zora people on it. Rutela will disappear into it and it will shine blue and fade away, revealing a hidden part of the graveyard with a pool of water in it. King Zora's grave is on a small outcrop on the other side of the pool. There is also a tunnel shortcut to Lake Hylia at the bottom.

Malo Mart

Malo inside of Malo Mart

An uninhabited building when Link first sees it in the twilight, Malo Mart is a store founded by Malo during his time spent in Kakariko Village. It houses several key items like the Hawkeye and Hylian Shield, both of which are very useful, though not entirely necessary, to Link's adventure.

Later, after Darbus has been freed from imprisonment in the Goron Mines, several Gorons along with several of the elders stay in Kakariko, and two of these Goron elders are involved in the expansion of Malo Mart. If Link pays Rupees to their cause, they are able to reconstruct the East Bridge which, as Malo claims, increases commerce through the eastern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.

Later, Malo intends to overtake Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium, who he claims has been price-gouging the citizens of Hyrule Castle Town. Link can initially pay 2,000 Rupees to assist them in the expansion, but there is a way to reduce the cost. Link can speak to the Goron Elder outside the front store about helping his son who needs Hot Spring Water to be rejuvenated into business selling his own Hot Spring Water. After doing this, Link need only pay 200 Rupees for Malo Mart's conquest of Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium.


The exterior of the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is one of the largest landmarks of Kakariko Village. When Link first visits the Eldin Province in twilight, the few survivors of Kakariko Village are all huddled in the Sanctuary to escape the grasp of the Shadow Beasts. Link must access the basement to defeat several Shadow Insects by lighting the Torches around the room.

Later in Link's quest, he must return to the large basement which houses an Owl Statue and the Sky Cannon so as to gain entrance to the City in the Sky.

Faron Province

The Faron Province is located to the south of Hyrule Field, and is presided over by the Light Spirit Faron. It consists of the Faron Woods as well as the southern part of Hyrule Field. The Sacred Grove is located deep within the Faron Woods.

Faron Woods

The deep forest of the Faron Woods

The Faron Woods cover most of Faron Province, and are a much deeper forest than the Ordon Woods. In the very core of the woods is the game's first dungeon: the Forest Temple. A large clearing in the north of the woods was covered in a poisonous fog when the Twilight Realm took over the province, and it remained after the Twilight was dispelled. This fog dissipates when exposed to Link's lantern, however. The forest is also home to Coro, who sells Lantern Oil, and his pet myna bird, Trill, who sells Red Potions and lantern oil.

Deep Gorge

This is the gorge which separates the Sacred Grove from the rest of the Faron Woods. If Link falls down the gorge, he will lose a heart and wake up where he entered the area. Branches of trees hang out of the gorge, and Link must jump from branch to branch with the help of Midna or the "Golden Cuccoo" he receives from Rusl.

Faron Spring

The waters of the Faron Spring

This is the spring which the light spirit Faron resides in. Faron is the first light spirit Link restores and he also seemed to be the one keeping the Hero's Clothes after the last Hero died, as when the light has been restored in the Faron Province Link wakes up in his Hylian form, he is wearing the Hero's Clothes. The Faron Spring is the smallest Spirit Spring.

Forest Temple

The Forest Temple is located in the northern section of Faron Woods. The inside of the temple is dimly lit and has somewhat of a jungle atmosphere. Prior to Link first entering the Forest Temple, a total of eight monkeys were captured and imprisoned by the malevolent forces residing within the temple. The mini-boss of the Forest Temple is Ook the Baboon, who throws a boomerang at Link while jumping on the pillars located in his room. Link freed and used the help of the monkeys and the Gale Boomerang found there to defeat the boss, twin Deku Babas. After defeating them, the boss Diababa emerged out of the water. At this point, Ook came to Link's aid and helped him defeat Diababa.

Trill's Shop

This is the shop run by Trill, the bird which Coro owns. Trill sells Red Potion and Lantern Oil at his shop. Although there is a sign on each of the vats saying how much each cost, Link can choose how much to pay Trill and can get away with only paying one Rupee. However, if Link tries to walk out without paying at all, Trill will squawk at him before flying of his perch and attacking Link.

Sacred Grove

The Sacred Grove Guardians

The Sacred Grove is located across a gorge next to the Forest Temple. Deep within the grove lies the ruins of the Temple of Time, where the Master Sword rests. A Skull Kid roams the woods, and blocks the way to the temple until Link beats him in a game of hide and seek. Only the temple's ruins are visible on the game's map.

Temple of Time

Link inserts the Master Sword

The Temple of Time is in ruin in the present but can still be accessed by traveling into the past via a mystical doorway. The version of the Song of Time used as background music in the entrance area is the same sound file as was used in Ocarina of Time. The mini-boss is a Darknut. Link obtains the Dominion Rod within the temple, which allows him to take control of statues with hollow centers. Within the temple, he defeats the arachnid Armogohma in an earthy cave and recovers the third shard of the Mirror of Twilight.

Ghostly Ether

The Ghostly Ether is dream-like plain where the Hero's Shade teaches Link new Hidden Skills.


Although never seen in-game, the Light Spirits talk of the heavens from which the Golden Goddesses descended from, and then returned to after the creation of Hyrule, leaving nothing behind but the land they had made and the Triforce.

Hyrule Field

The expanse of Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field is a series of interconnected fields located in the Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru Provinces. Here Link is vulnerable to attack from many enemies found within the game. Also, a number of Golden Bugs and Pieces of Heart can be found in the various areas of the field. At one point, Link must escort Telma, Ilia, and Prince Ralis through Hyrule Field, while fending off attacks by Bulblin riders. Also Link has his final battle with Ganondorf in Hyrule Field.

Lanayru Province

The Lanayru Province is located north of the Eldin Province. It is the largest province of Hyrule. It contains Zora's River, which flows down from Zora's Domain, in the north, to Lake Hylia, where the shrine to the Light Spirit Lanayru is found. Hyrule Castle is located in the center of the province, and boasts a bustling town, Hyrule Castle Town, in front of it.

Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle's arches

Hyrule Castle is a large castle housing the Royal Family of Hyrule. After the defeat of Zant in the Palace of Twilight, Link ventures inside of it as the final dungeon of the game. Bulblins occupy the courtyard, the cemetery is haunted, and sections of the interior are damaged. The mini-boss is King Bulblin, who has been fought several times during the course of the game. Due to the internal structural damage, Link must use items such as the Spinner and the Double Clawshots to navigate past gaps in the floor. In the throne room, Ganondorf takes control of Zelda's body, and Link must fight her. Ganondorf then transforms into Dark Beast Ganon. Once he is defeated, Midna attempts to destroy him using the Fused Shadows. At the end of the game, it is shown that Hyrule Castle has been restored.

Hyrule Castle in flames

Throne Room

When Link enters the Throne Room after going through the rest of Hyrule Castle, Ganondorf is sitting on the throne and Zelda's lifeless body is hanging in the centre of the Triforce above it. The statues of Nayru and Farore which used to encircle the Triforce have been broken down, but the statue of Din is left around the part which is the Triforce of Power.

Hyrule Castle Town

Hyrule Castle Town is located in front of Hyrule Castle, and is accessible from the east, south and west. Many businesses reside there, including Telma's Bar, where Link may gather information from the group of vigilantes working to restore peace in Hyrule. Shops there are expensive, but if Link donates enough money to Malo, found in Kakariko Village, a branch of Malo Mart with cheap prices will open in Castle Town. There are multiple people walking around the town, although only a select few will interact. Interestingly, some Gorons have set up business here, two of whom can only sell Hot Spring Water once Link delivers it from Malo Mart in Kakariko Village.

Agitha's Castle

Agitha's Castle, despite the name, is an ordinary-looking building in the southern part of town. It is home to Agitha, a strange girl who will give Link the Big Wallet after Link gives her the first Golden Bug and the Giant's Wallet if he gives her all 24.

Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium

Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium is an incredibly overpriced shop in central Castle Town. It is run by the snobbish Chudley, who sells goods that are impossible to afford and doesn't let anyone in unless their shoes have been shined by Soal.

Fanadi's Palace

Fanadi's Palace is the name of the business where Fanadi the fortuneteller can predict people's futures, for a price.

Malo Mart

After enough money has been donated to Malo Mart in Kakariko Village, Malo will buy out Chudley's store and convert it into a Malo Mart. This store sells items at half the cost of other stores in Hyrule, and has a bright and cheery attitude. Chudley still works there, but he has changed his named to Malver.

Medical Clinic

The interior of the Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic is a building in eastern Castle Town where Doctor Borville does his work. It is necessary to enter the clinic to find the Wooden Statue, because the medicine scent found inside is crucially needed to complete the quest.

Observation Deck

This is the deck in the Castle Town, above the Goron shop, which looks out over the Centeral Square. Link can get a good veiw of the whole square when he's out on the deck, and on the way up there are Gorons selling Red Potion, Lantern Oil and Arrows. The door to the observation deck can be found to the right of the cafe.

Telma's Bar

Telma and Ilia inside Telma's Bar

Telma's Bar is a bar run by Telma in south Castle Town. It serves as the meeting place for the Resistance, a team of vigilantes determined to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events taking place in Hyrule. It is also where Ilia and Prince Ralis stay before being brought to Renado in Kakariko Village.

Underground Waterway

The Underground Waterway is hidden under Hyrule Castle Town. It is here that Link discovers himself transformed into a wolf, and meets Midna. Later, Link returns to the sewers after finding a secret passage in Jovani's House. As a mini-dungeon, the Underground Waterway is much like the Water Temple and the Tower of the Gods, as Link must raise and lower the water level often. During his first visit, Link encounters Twilit Vermin, while in the second visit, he faces enemies such as Bulblins and Kargarocs.

Lake Hylia

Link flying with a Cucco in Lake Hylia

Lake Hylia is a large lake beneath a large bridge known as the Great Bridge of Hylia. The lake is situated at the end of Zora's River. At the bottom of the lake, the Lakebed Temple can be found. Early in the game, the lake is reduced to a puddle as a result of Zora's Domain being frozen over by Zant. The lake is also home to two business partners called Fyer and Falbi. They own, between them, a giant cannon that can fire Link from Lake Hylia to higher ground around it, and also to the Gerudo Desert. If compared to Lake Hylia in Ocarina of Time, the Lake is now much deeper compared to the terrain around it and it is twice as big. Also the tree that once stood on the island in the middle of the lake is now a massive stump, and the Lakeside Laboratory is Falbi's home.

Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication

Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication is a two-part attraction run by Fyer and Falbi. Fyer resides on a raft in the center of Lake Hylia. The raft holds an enormous cannon capable of shooting people either to Falbi's attraction or the Gerudo Desert. Falbi lives in a building built onto the lake's cliffside. From here he charges patrons to attempt to fly a Cucco to one of the many treasure-concealing ledges around the lake. The main goal of the game is to land on the Isle of Riches, a multi-tiered island layered with treasure chests holding Rupees and a Piece of Heart.

Great Bridge of Hylia

The Great Bridge of Hylia in the midst of twilight

The Great Bridge of Hylia is a massive bridge rivaling the size of the Bridge of Eldin. It crosses over Lake Hylia, starting at the south end and ending at the islet holding Lanayru Spring. Link first reaches Lake Hylia by jumping off this bridge, and it is here that King Bulblin is fought for the second time.

Isle of Riches

The Isle of Riches is a man-made structure that floats in the middle of Lake Hylia that holds many treasures. It can only be accessed by playing Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl mini-game.

Lakebed Temple

The central staircase of Lakebed Temple

Located at the bottom of Lake Hylia, the Lakebed Temple is a holy place to the Zora race. Link is able to enter the Lakebed Temple after he obtains the Zora Armor, which allows him to breathe underwater. The Lakebed Temple is essentially an underwater cavern that has been installed with canals feeding water from two opposite intake towers into a large central shaft. The towers can be seen outside the temple, releasing air and taking in water. The temple is also home to a variety of aquatic species, most importantly the Deku Toad and Morpheel.

Lanayru Spring

Lanayru Spring is the fourth Spirit's Spring in Hyrule, and the home of the Light Spirit Lanayru. Unlike the other springs, it is enclosed in a small cave. This spring is where Zant steals the Fused Shadow fragments from Link and Midna.

Upper Zora's River

Connecting Lake Hylia and Zora's Domain is Zora's River, but only the upper part is accessible for Link without a boat. Here, Link can find Iza, who will allow Link to canoe down the river and play a mini-game simultaneously. A shortcut to northern Hyrule Field exists here as well. Zora's River itself splits in two once leaving Zora's Domain. One part flows south and the other flows east and turns around to face west and flows under the Bridge of Eldin before meeting up with the other branch. Part of the river actually flows underground.

Iza and Hena's Playground for Grown-ups

The exterior of the Boat Rental Cabin

This is the place in and around Upper Zora's River with amusements run by the sisters Hena and Iza. Iza runs the Boat Rental Cabin where Link can rent boats and paddle down Zora's River to Lake Hylia. He can get points by destroying targets on the way and if he scores more than twenty-five, the Zora assisting him will give him a Giant Bomb Bag. Hena runs the Fishing Hole, where Link can also rent a boat, but he can paddle around the fishing hole fishing. In the cabin at the fishing hole, however, there is a small game which Link can try to beat called Rollgoal. He can play for five Rupees, but wins ten if he successfully rolls the ball along the path. There is one more game to be played though, if Link turns into a wolf and talks to Plumm, Iza's bird, at Lake Hylia. Plumm will tell him that to win this game, he'd have to fly up Zora's River and pop ballons on the way. After explaining about points, he says "The game starts as soon as you're in the air!". Link must then howl at the hawk grass near him and a Kargaroc will come and pick him up. He must use the Kargaroc to fly up the River, as he did in the Twilight. If he gets over ten thousand points Link wins the game.

Boat Rental Cabin

The Boat Rental Cabin found on Zora's River. The Cabin is owned by Iza. After ridding Lanayru Province of the Twilight, and defeating three Shadow Beasts, Link can speak to Iza about her problem. She will ask him to clear obstacles on the river's path using Bomb Arrows. After doing so, Link is rewarded with a Bomb Bag. Once the river is clear, Link can rent a canoe to participate in a mini-game that involves shooting targets with Bomb Arrows. Certain color targets are worth different amount of points, but hitting obstacles subtracts points. If Link scores 25 or more points, he is rewarded with a Bomb Bag Upgrade that doubles the capacity of all of the Bomb Bags he is currently holding.

Fishing Hole

Link fishing with Hena

The Fishing Hole resides behind a door within Upper Zora's River. It is owned by Hena, who will allow Link to either fish alone, or with her as a guide. Link can also play Hena's mini-game, called Rollgoal, in order to use the frog lure. Hena has several pictures of people fishing on a wall in her Fishing Shop - these include Ocarina of Time's fisherman catching the Hylian Loach, her siblings Coro and Iza, and herself.

Zora's Domain

The waters of Zora's Domain

The headwaters of Zora's River, Zora's Domain is the home of the Zora race. Initially frozen over by Zant, the waters of the river must be thawed in order to refill Lake Hylia. It is the main source of water in all of Hyrule. In the water at the head of the domain there is a location Prince Ralis refers to as Mother and Child Rocks, almost definitely an allusion to the Mother and Child Islands in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The Zora's Throne Room is located at the top of the huge waterfall and far above Zora's Domain. It is home to the Zora Royal Family and seems to be main source of all the water in Hyrule. It is much larger than the Throne Room featured in Ocarina of Time and features a deep pool-like area that can be explored using the Zora Armor and Iron Boots. Zora's Throne Room also contains a Warp Point which is needed to thaw Zora's Domain.

Mother-and-Child Rocks

The Mother-and-Child Rocks are two rock outcroppings in Zora's Domain, one large and one small. The water near these rocks is the only place to catch Reekfish.

Zora's Throne Room

The interior of Zora's Throne Room

Zora's Throne Room is located at the head of Zora's Domain. When Link first reaches it, it is frozen over and all of the Zoras are trapped beneath the ice. Link can warp a lava rock to Zora's Throne Room to melt the ice. After this, the rock stays under the water unless Link blows it up with a Water Bomb, releasing a trapped Goron. After Link has completed Snowpeak Ruins, Prince Ralis can be found sitting in the throne of the room.

Zora's River

Zora's River is the river connecting Zora's Domain to Lake Hylia. It is split into two branches, one flowing directly to the lake and the other flowing beneath the Bridge of Eldin. Link can fly upriver on a gigantic Shadow Kargaroc, which is necessary to first reach Zora's Domain when the Province is covered in Twilight, and can ride downriver on a canoe rented from the Boat Rental Shop.

Ordona Province

The Ordona Province is the southernmost and smallest province in the game, and is presided over by the Light Spirit Ordona. It contains the Ordon Village and the Ordon Woods. Ordona is not considered part of Hyrule.[1][2]

Link's House

The exterior of Link's House

Link's House, is, as its name implies, the house where Link lives. It is found directly outside Ordon Village, next to the Ordon Woods. The house itself is quite large, consisting of about two floors worth of space, along with a basement. Rusl leaves Link the Wooden Sword inside Link's house in a Treasure Chest early in the game, and after Link obtains the lantern, he can make his way through the dark basement to discover a Treasure Chest with a Purple Rupee inside.

A pan view of Ordon Ranch

Ordon Village

Ordon Village is Link's home town, and lies on the border of Ordon Woods. Within the village, there resides four families and their homes, as well as are a few families and their houses, plus Sera's Sundries. Link and Fado both live on the village's outskirts.

After their kidnapping, the village children (Malo, Talo, Beth, and Colin) remain in Kakariko Village, despite their parents' worries.

In earlier demos of Twilight Princess, Ordon Village was known as Toaru (トアル?) Village, lit. "Unnamed Village". The name of the village in the French version, "Toal", is based on "Toaru".

Ordon Ranch

Top-down perspective of Ordon Village

Ordon Ranch is the southernmost area of Hyrule, composed of a small field with many goats and a small stable. A good friend of Link, Fado is the village's main herder, though Link is actually much better. Link works at this ranch in the very beginning of the game.

Ordon Waterwheel

This is the waterwheel on the side of Malo and Talo's house. At one point in the game, Link must use it to climb through an open window so he can get to the Ordon Shield inside.

Sera's Sundries

The only shop in Ordon Village, Sera's Sundries is a small store that is owned and operated by Sera. It likely serves the villagers of Ordon Village, as it sells various goods like Milk, though it serves children as well, as evidenced by Sera's purchase of a slingshot.

Link must assist Sera's cat at one point in the game, in order to obtain a bottle of milk. If Link catches a fish near the dock, Sera's cat will snatch the fish and run back to the shop where Sera will be overjoyed at her cat's apparent skills, and give Link a bottle half-filled with milk.

Ordon Woods

Link riding Epona through the tiny Ordon Woods

There is a small forest trail that separates the Ordon Province from the rest of Hyrule. It is a dense trail named the Ordon Woods and has many trees and a small spring to the north, which is home to the Light Spirit Ordona. At the far north of the woods is a long wooden bridge that leads to the Faron Province. The path to the bridge is usually obstructed by a locked gate that villagers returning from the Faron Province lock, and is presumably used to keep out intruders.

Link in the Ordon Spring

Ordon Spring

Ordon Spring is the home of the Light Spirit Ordona, and one of four Spirit's Springs in Hyrule. The spring is seen several times in the beginning of the game, as Ilia washes Epona, another time when Epona is wounded and Ilia is kidnapped by King Bulblin, and again when Link is turned into a wolf.

When Link is a wolf and approaches the spring, Ordona warns him a monster is approaching. A Twilight Portal then opens in the sky and a single Shadow Beast drops from it into the spring. After Link has defeated it, Ordona tells Link the story of the twilight, and encourages him to go back into the Faron Province.

Peak Province

The Peak Province is located in northwestern Hyrule. Like the Desert Province, no Light Spirit presides over its area. The Peak Province is perpetually covered in snow and is barren save for two Yetis who take up residence in the Snowpeak Ruins.


The seemingly lifeless landscape of Snowpeak

Snowpeak is a vast landmass of sheer ice, which is accessible only through a small tunnel in Zora's Domain. To navigate his way through the fierce blizzard, Link must transform into his wolf form to sniff out the Reekfish Scent to follow a mysterious Yeti through the blizzard. Several White Wolfos can be found across the mountain, along with an Imp Poe, and a Howling Stone. Atop Snowpeak Mountain is Yeto, one of two Yetis inhabiting the mountain. Link must engage in a sort of sledding mini-game to reach the bottom of the mountain, where the Snowpeak Ruins are found.

Snowpeak Top

The peak of Snowpeak, Snowpeak Top

Snowpeak Top is found atop Snowpeak Mountain, as its name suggests. When Link first reaches the top of the mountain, he encounters a group of Shadow Beasts, and the mysterious Yeto, who shows Link how to roll into a nearby tree to make a frozen leaf fall. Yeto then hops onto the frozen leaf, using it as a snowboard of sorts, and Link is left to do the same. When he sleds down the mountain after Yeto, he encounters the Snowpeak Ruins.

Later in the game, after Yeta has been restored to her former health, Link can race against both Yetis for fun, though beating Yeta in a race will yield a Piece of Heart.

Snowpeak Ruins

Exterior of the Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak Ruins is a crumbling mansion that is the home of two friendly yetis: Yeto, and his wife, Yeta. It is possible that the mansion was abandoned and soon after inhabited by the two. Their mansion contains three floors, a small chapel, and a tower. Most rooms are covered in ice, due to the icy locale on the cliff of a high mountain and the ruined state of the building (some ceilings are collapsed). The mini-boss is a large armor-clad warrior called Darkhammer that wields an enormous Ball and Chain. The tower contains the bedroom of Yeto and Yeta. Here Link witnesses Yeta succumb to the power of the Mirror of Twilight shard and subsequently transform into the Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta. After defeating Blizzeta, Yeto and Yeta are reunited and Link recives the second shard of the Mirror. During the ending credits, a restored Snowpeak Ruins can be seen.

Twilight Realm

Link upgrading the Master Sword

Early in Link's adventure, he stumbles upon the Twilight Realm, which has engulfed much of Hyrule. Initially, the Twilight Realm covers the Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru provinces, but as Link collects Tears of Light, he slowly pushes the twilight away. Whenever Link encounters the twilight, he transforms into a wolf. All of the humans and animals have turned into spirits, and Link cannot interact with them. Enemies such as Bokoblins, Kargarocs and Deku Babas have been warped by the twilight, and remain just as, if not more dangerous. Sounds in the twilight seem to be amplified, which builds upon the dull lifeless feel of the twilight. The atmosphere is also vastly different from Light World. An example is the small black squares that float upward all around (creating an effect similar to ash from a burning building).

Palace of Twilight

The palace in the Twilight Realm

After reassembling the Mirror of Twilight, the portal to the Twilight Realm, and the Palace of Twilight, opens in the Mirror Chamber at the Arbiter's Grounds. The palace consists of three parallel halls, with the central hall leading to the tower that contains the throne room. The central hall is at first guarded by a curtain of Shadow Crystals, which force Link into Wolf Form. Many Twili populate the front courtyard of the Palace, but they are originally in cursed forms similar in appearance to Shadow Beasts. In order to return them to normal, Link must get to the end of a side-hall, defeat an incorporeal version of Zant, and then retrieve crystalline spheres known as Sols, which Midna explains are sources of light, life, and power for the Twilight Realm. Once Link has retrieved both Sols, they empower the Master Sword with the ability to cut through the curtain that guards the main hall, allowing him to reach Zant.


Although never seen in-game, the Underworld is talked of by the light spirits.

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