"You found the Longshot! It's an upgraded Hookshot. It extends twice as far!"
— In-game description

The Longshot is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is an improved version of the Hookshot, its chain being twice as long (20m). The device is somewhat larger than the Hookshot, as well. While an extended chain may seem like a minor addition, the Longshot soon reveals that it in fact makes an enormous difference and is significantly more useful than the original Hookshot.

The Longshot is the treasure gained within the Water Temple and is obtained after the duel with Dark Link. In the battle with Morpha, Link must use it to pull out Morpha's nucleus in order to deal damage. It can be used to cross the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley without the aid of Epona. The Longshot can also be used to cross the River of Sand in the Haunted Wasteland as an alternative to using the Hover Boots.


The volume of the hook is about 0.0012m^3 and the mass of the chain is 76.7 kg

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