Lynna City is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Lynna City is the capital of the Labrynna and was formerly a small settlement known as Lynna Village, which was ruled by a monarch named Queen Ambi. In the present, it is much larger and is governed by Mayor Plen.

In the Past

In the past, the houses are made of wood. To the north is Ambi's Palace, comparable in size to the village itself. West of it is a small house where Pippin, the farmer, lives. The Maku Tree exists at this time, but is only a sprout. To the south, construction of the Black Tower is ongoing. Consequently, the town is filled with dirt and rubble. A game of catch is held just outside the city to the east. ??? can be found in the lavatory in west Lynna Village. The Advance Shop and a Shooting Gallery have been built south of the Maku Tree sprout. West of those are the Post Office, where Link can find the Postman, and a house belonging to Dekadin, a depressed boy. North of the Black Tower is a house belonging to an old man named Adlar. Cheval, who lives on the outskirts of town, is trying to create both rope, which will not decay in water, and Flippers. Rafton's house is located south of the city. Many citizens of the city live in fear due to the sudden changes in Queen Ambi, who has been tricked, and later possessed, by Veran into making the townspeople work endlessly on the Black Tower during the Endless Day.

In the Present

In the present, the city is more lively, with houses made of brick and other materials. A gardener named Bipin, his wife Blossom, and their young child now reside in their house in the northern part of the city. Mayor Plen's house is located where Dekadin's house used to be, and the Know-It-All Birds' hut is located where the lavatory was. Vasu has set up his Vasu Jewelers south of the Maku Tree where the Shooting Gallery and secret Advance Shop used to be. Dr. Troy lives in the north-westernmost house in the city. Additionally, Mamamu Yan and her pet dog live in a house just north of the completed Black Tower, where Adlar used to live. A new shop has been opened just south of Vasu Jewelers. Lastly, the city is now free of dirt and rubble, Ambi's Palace no longer exists, and the bridge across the moat to the south of the city is broken.


Lynna Village