"He gave you the Magic Mirror! This mirror is blue, clear and beautiful... You feel like it is going to absorb you into another world..."
— In-game description

The Magic Mirror as it appears in-game The Magic Mirror is an item from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Link receives the mirror from the Lost Old Man residing on Death Mountain, whose granddaughter is one of the Seven Maidens, as thanks for helping him through the tunnels and back to his home. When Link is in the Dark World, the Magic Mirror can be used to return to the Light World at will. A temporary return portal is established at the point of his return, allowing him to quickly return to the Dark World in the same spot where he left it. The mirror can also be used in dungeons to instantly return to the entrance.

Link must be careful when using the Magic Mirror, as it has the potential to send him inside objects in the Light World, immediately returning him to the Dark World.