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"You've got the Magic Rod! Now you can burn things! Burn it! Burn, baby burn!"
— In-game description

The Magic Rod is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It has the ability to conjure an endless number of fireballs, which can be shot at enemies and targets from a distance. These fireballs are incredibly powerful, causing twice as much damage as the Ultimate Sword against most enemies. It is also one of the only items in the Legend of Zelda series able to to kill Cuccos and Dogs. The Magic Rod is obtained in the eighth dungeon, Turtle Rock, where it is used to melt blocks of ice and defeat Hot Head.

Non-canonical appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

Link Magic Rod (Hyrule Warriors).png
Lana's 8-Bit Magical Rod

In Hyrule Warriors, rather than being an item, the Magic Rod acts as an extra weapon option to replace the standard sword and shield set up Link usually has. The Magic Rod is all about offense. It can shoot wide-ranged projectiles and conjure pillars of flame to juggle enemies. The weapon is also capable of changing shape, such as forming a flamethrower, turning into a larger staff to emit flame-based energy beams, and transforming into a fiery battle axe to spin around with during certain charge attacks. Due to its poor defensive capabilities, Link must rely heavily on dodging to evade incoming attacks.

The 8-Bit Magic Rod appears as Lana's 8-bit Spear and is humorously depicted as a branch from the Great Deku Tree.

Weapon Levels

Magic Rod
  • 8-bit - 8-bit Magic Rod

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