"This is bigger than the other shield. Use it to fend off the enemy's spells and rocks, and Zola's ball."
The Legend of Zelda manual

The Magical Shield is a recurring shield in the Legend of Zelda series.


The Legend of Zelda

The Magical Shield can be purchased from many of the shops found across Hyrule for varying amounts of Rupees; either 160, 130, or 90 Rupees depending on the shop. This shield is able to fend off the spells cast by Wizzrobes, Sword Beams from Lynels, and energy balls belched by various monsters including the River Zora. It bears a cross insignia and is significantly larger than the smaller shield Link carries from the outset.

Like Likes have a fondness for shields. If it manages to engulf Link and he does not escape within a few seconds at the most, the Like Like will eat the Magical Shield. Defeating the Like Like does not return the shield, so Link will have to buy a new one if it is eaten by a Like Like. Since Like Likes are usually found in conjunction with Wizzrobes, losing the shield adds the danger of fighting out through a dungeon while unable to block their spells.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

According to the prologue, Link wields the Magical Shield through out this game, presumably the same shield from The Legend of Zelda. Link will automatically hold the Magical Shield so it defends against attacks aimed at the upper half of his body. He can also crouch to defend against lower attacks aimed at his legs. The Magical Shield can block most projectiles and enemy attacks but can not block fire, attacks from Dairas, Doomknockers or blue Lizalfos. It can be upgraded to block these stronger attacks using the Reflect Spell which also allows it to reflect the spells cast by Wizzrobes.

Non-canonical appearances

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Soulcalibur II

Magical Shield SC2.PNG

Together with the Magic Sword, the Magical Shield is part of Link's set of weapons from The Legend of Zelda. It can be bought for 3,000 gold in chapters 6, 7, 8 and Subchapter 3. The combination is good for penetrating defenses, but is weak against impact.The shield is designed to resemble its appearance from the Legend of Zelda BS for the broadcast Satellaview released only in Japan.

Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Magical Shield (Render).png

The Magical Shield is paired with the Link's Magical Sword Sword weapon, it has a red crimson color scheme which is shares with the Magical Sword and its sheath. It sports an updated design though it still features a cross-shaped emblem, albeit with a stylized Force Gem ornamentation in the circular indentation in center of the cross.

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