"Pleased to meet you, young hero. I am the Maku Tree, guardian of Labrynna. Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, has taken Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. She's disrupting the flow of time from the past. She's trying to flood this world with the power of sorrow. We cannot give in to one of impure heart. You must stop Veran--and soon--but to stop her, you'll need some- thing..."
— Maku Tree

The Maku Tree is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. A sentient, female tree, she is the guardian of Labrynna.


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Artwork of the Maku Tree as a sprout

During Link's brief first conversation with the Maku Tree, she spontaneously disappears due to an occurrence four hundred years in the past. Link saves her from a Moblin attack in the past; the smitten tree promises to aid him when she grows older, and before his leave, yells out that she will be his bride when she comes of age.

When Link returns to the present, she immediately recognizes him and though she is not happy with him making her wait, she reminds Link that the two are to marry. However, she is mildly disappointed upon learning that he has come to stop Veran. She sends him on his way to collect the Essences of Time to restore her memory. She gives him the Seed Satchel full of Ember Seeds that allow him to clear small trees in his path.

As Link recovers more Essences of Time and the Maku Tree grows, Link can go inside her and gain access to the Hall of Secrets, a Gasha Seed, and a Fairy Fountain. After Link returns with all eight Essences of Time, the Maku Tree gives him the Maku Seed, allowing him to enter Veran's chamber in the Black Tower to stop her. At the end of a Linked Game, a cutscene will occur in which Zelda kisses Link, causing the Maku Tree to cry.

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