"Our guardian, the Maku Tree, stands beyond the gate to the east of town. It's said a hero with a sword will come to speak with him. I wonder if it's true..."
Horon Villager

The Maku Tree is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. He is the sacred guardian of Holodrum and protector of Din, the Oracle of Seasons. The Maku Tree's grove is found in Horon Village.


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After kidnapping Din, the Oracle of Seasons, General Onox imprisons her within a Crystal, throwing the seasons of Holodrum into chaos, effectively draining the Maku Tree's power as well. Impa, the nursemaid of Princess Zelda who had joined the Traveling Troupe in order to protect her, asks of Link to go to the Maku Tree's grove and ask his advice on how to restore peace to the land. Inside a cave to the west of Horon Village, Link obtains the Hero's Sword, which he holds before the gate to the Maku Tree's grove, proving his courage. Link awakens the withered Maku Tree, who tells him to recover the Essences of Nature, eight magical objects found in the eight dungeons of Holodrum, to return the Maku Tree's strength. He then gives Link the Gnarled Key so that he can enter the first dungeon.

Throughout Link's quest, the Maku Tree aids him by providing him with advice. As Link recovers more Essences of Nature and the Maku Tree grows, Link can go inside the Maku Tree and gain access to the Hall of Secrets, a Gasha Seed, and a Fairy Fountain. Once Link gathers all eight Essences of Nature, the Maku Tree produces a Maku Seed, a magical seed with the power to break the barrier placed around Onox's castle.

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