This page is about the final boss. For the character, see Malladus.

"This vessel isn't right... My spirit...is slipping from it... I can't hold on for long... But I will destroy the world in the time I have left!"

Malladus is the final boss of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. He is the result of the Demon King possessing Chancellor Cole, creating a large beast somewhat similar to Ganon.


The battle starts with Malladus spitting fireballs at Princess Zelda as she attempts to summon the power she needs to expose Malladus's weakness.To prevent them from hitting her, Link must slash them away with his sword, though they can not be targeted. If Zelda gets hit, Link will lose half a heart, and Zelda must begin the process all over again. When Zelda finally gains enough power, she prompts Link to take out his Spirit Flute and play a song along with her. This song summons the Lokomo sages and reveals Malladus' weak spot.

With the Demon King stunned, Link can charge in and assault him with a barrage of sword strikes. When Malladus regains his energy, Link must distract Malladus by hitting his two front legs until his back is turned to Zelda so she can shoot a Light Arrow at the Demon King's weak point. This process is repeated until Malladus collapses. When this happens, Link must charge in and attack the gem on the Demon King's head, destroying one of the protective horns. This sequence is repeated until Link wedges his sword all the way in, with Zelda's help, and Malladus is defeated. However, after Malladus gets stunned the first time, he begins to dodge the arrows, so Link must wait until Malladus starts attacking him. Malladus attacks by swiping Link with his claws and charging at him. The horn attack can stun Link, allowing Malladus to turn his attention towards Zelda. After sustaining damage, Malladus spits fireballs, which can be dodged or deflected.