"A cliffside not too far from here has a hidden weak spot... Shoot a beam parallel with a line between the temple and Mercay Tavern..."

Mercay Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This large island is located in the Southwestern Sea of the World of the Ocean King. It is one of the most populated islands in the game, and Link must visit this island more than any other.

At the beginning of the game, Link washes ashore after a shipwreck. The island is home to a small port town with several houses, a shop, a Milk Bar, a beach, a small shipyard, and the port itself. Separating the eastern half of the island from the western half is a small waterfall crossed by a bridge (although the bridge is frequently knocked down by earthquakes). Among the inhabitants of the island are Oshus and Ciela. On the northern part of the island is the Temple of the Ocean King as well as a Mountain Passage leading to the other side of the island.


Inside the Temple of the Ocean King, Link can talk to the ghosts of dead adventurers. Located outside the temple is a crack in the wall that can be opened by using either bombs or Bombchus. Inside the cave is a Treasure Chest. Later, Link can shoot an Eye Switch with an arrow to create a bridge. Link can then go up the stairs and shoot the Eye Switch on the wall to activate a Beam statue. If he aims the Beam to the right of the Temple of the Ocean King and uses a bomb where the beam is pointing, an entrance to a cave will appear. Past the cave is a hill, at the top of which is Freedle. He allows Link to trade Treasures and Ship Parts using any multiplayer mode.


The name "Mercay" may have been derived from the Latin word root merc, which has to do with trading, as seen in the words "mercantile" and "merchant." This would make sense, seeing as the island is home to a port town and presumably a trade center.