Mogmas are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are a subterranean race that reside in the Eldin Volcano region of The Surface. Physically resembling a combination of a mole and a prairie dog, Mogmas are able to quickly burrow and resurface from underground. Mogmas are, by nature, compulsive treasure hunters, Fi mentions to Link that: "All Mogmas have a deep and abiding love of treasure" ; however, this character flaw is overshadowed by Mogmas' charitable nature towards those in need. It does, however, mean that Mogmas will often unintentionally place themselves in dangerous situations while attempting to find treasure. Mogmas were one of the five races to remain on the surface and assist the goddess Hylia in the fight to seal away the demons. All known Mogmas have a name based on a real world metal or minerals.


Mogma are mole-like humanoid creatures who excel at tunneling. They are often seen with only their torso protruding from a hole they surface from. Their long, clawed arms are used for digging, while their legs are short, possibly because they predominantly move by digging with their front limbs rather than walking. Mogma sometimes balance on their tails and hands rather than standing on their hind legs. Despite being fully capable of digging through dirt with bare claws, many Mogma also utilize metal tipped gloves in order to break through harder substances, such as rock, as well to defend from subterranean predators such as Moldorms.


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While attempting to get into the Earth Temple to uncover its treasure, Ledd and Cobal reveal to Link that the key to the temple was broken into several pieces and scattered throughout the volcanic region. Using the Goddess Sword's dowsing ability to find the pieces, Link is able to reassemble the key and enter the temple. Inside the temple, Link meets Ledd and Cobal once more, receiving the Bomb Bag from the former during his exploration of the temple.

Later on in the game, Link obtains the Mogma Mitts in the Fire Sanctuary, which allow him to dig underground like a Mogma. After this item is obtained, many puzzles in Eldin Volcano and similar areas relate to digging underground to find items, solve puzzles, and open up passages.

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The name "Mogma" may originate from the Japanese word "mogura", which means "mole" in English. Another explanation might be the name's phonetic similarity to "magma", which is abundant throughout Eldin Volcano.