"You got the Mole Mitts! Dig, dig, dig to your heart's content!"
— In-game description

The Mole Mitts are an item from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. They are gloves shaped like the front paws of a mole that allow Link to dig his way through loose walls or into the ground, functioning similarly to the shovel. Additionally, digging holes in the ground may uncover hearts, Rupees, or Kinstones. The Mole Mitts are found in the Fortress of Winds.

Artwork of Link using the Mole Mitts

When fighting the Fortress of Winds boss, Mazaal, Link must enter the boss's head while in Minish size to damage it. After Mazaal sustains enough damage, its inside will be filled with earth. Link must then use the Mole Mitts to find the boss's weak spot.

There are certain caves across Hyrule that require the Mole Mitts to enter. Inside these caves, Link can dig around to find Treasure Chests. He can also fuse with certain Mysterious Walls in these caves in order to complete the Goron Cave side quest for an empty bottle. Common enemies in these caves include Like Likes, and Moldorms.

The speed at which Link digs can be increased by catching the Joy Butterfly found in the Castor Wilds, which appears after a successful Kinstone fusion with Farore.

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