"Hey, a new face! Welcome to Molida Island! Lots of island guys are off fishing, but you'll still find many of us at work here!"
— Villager

Molida Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is an island in the World of the Ocean King, located in the Southwestern Sea. This island is home to a number of villagers, and also features the third dungeon, the Temple of Courage.

Points of interest


Two huts are owned by fishermen and their families. Inside, a treasure and a few jars can be found. The wives and children, who are still at home, fear that the Ghost Ship or other sea monsters have abducted the fishermen.

Romanos's house

Romanos's house is located in the far east part of the island. After completing the Temple of Courage, Romanos allows Link to play his Shooting Gallery mini-game for 20 Rupees. Link can win treasures, Ship Parts, a Quiver upgrade, and a Heart Container.


Next to Romanos's house is a large cavern full of enemies. To the northwest part of it is the Old Wayfarer's first hideout. Here Link finds the Shovel as well as information leading him to the Wayfarer's second hideout. Further south is a staircase leading up to a large grassy area where the two remaining Wayfarer tablets are located.

Old Wayfarer's second hideaway

After finding the intersection between all four of the Old Wayfarer's stones and digging under the tree where they intersect, Link finds himself in the Old Wayfarer's second hideaway. Inside is his diary, a chest with a Treasure Map, and a chart on the wall detailing the correct path through the Foggy Passage to the north.

Temple of Courage

After obtaining the Sun Key, Link can access a new part of the island by opening the locked door inside the cavern, which can only be reached via the Old Wayfarer's second hideout. After directing all three lasers on the temple's door, Link can enter the third dungeon, the Temple of Courage.


"Molida" is the family name for a species of ocean-going sunfish, renowned for their size and unique body shape.