"Mount Crenel is a forbidding and rocky place with many steep cliffs. It lies just west of Hyrule Town. We ought to equip ourselves in town before risking the journey."

Mount Crenel is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. A tall mountain in Hyrule, it is located directly north of Castor Wilds. Although the mountain is less expansive than Death Mountain, is it arguably taller. This area has long been mined for iron and other materials within the mountain. Near the top sits the Cave of Flames, an abandoned mine. Mount Crenel itself has two peaks on top, the second of which is almost always covered within thunderclouds. It is also the only source in the world of Mt. Crenel Mineral Water, which causes even the most withered plant to flourish with life. Mount Crenel can be quite dangerous at times, not only because of the violent igneous life, but also because of the unpredictable weather patterns and the frequent rock slides. Link and Ezlo have to journey to the mines on the mountain in their quest to re-forge the Picori Blade.

Grayblade, one of the Blade Brothers, can be found on Mount Crenel. He teaches Link the Roll Attack. Mount Crenel also houses the Crenel Hermit and Great Mayfly Fairy.


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It is possible that Mount Crenel is the same as Death Mountain from other games in the Legend of Zelda series. Facts supporting this theory include the fact that on the Goron Figurine it reveals that the Gorons used to reside on Mount Crenel, but once their numbers fell too few they moved to Goron Cave. There is also an abandoned mine, the Cave of Flames, which is also theorized to be Dodongo's Cavern, the Fire Temple, or the Goron Mines after they became disused once the Gorons moved away. Opposing this theory is the fact that Mount Crenel is shaped differentally than Death Mountain, and has no crater. However, this could be a sign of how mountains change gradually over time.

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Mount Crenel is possibly a reference to the English word "crenel," which is a notch in a battlement through which missiles are fired. Mount Crenel most likely being a volcano and the shape of the overhead cliffs make this word seem like the probable origin of the name.