"We sharpen any sword. We work hard so your sword works hard for you!"
— Sign

The Mountain Smithy is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located in the Mountain Village at Snowhead, the Mountain Smithy is a log cabin that serves as the home and workshop for Zubora and Gabora. It is from here that the two swordsmiths upgrade swords for a fee.

When Link first arrives in Snowhead, the land is covered in perpetual snow due to the Skull Kid's curse. Because of the curse, the forge in the Mountain Smithy is frozen and will not work. If Link defeats Goht in the Snowhead Temple, however, spring arrives in the region and the forge starts working again. This problem can also be fixed, if Link uses some Hot Spring Water or the Fire Arrows to melt the ice covering the forge prior to defeating Goht.

Once the forge is unfrozen, Zubora and Gabora will offer to turn Link's Kokiri Sword into the Razor Sword for 100 Rupees. The process will take a day, and if Link brings the swordsmiths some Gold Dust after receiving the Razor Sword, they will offer to make Link's sword into the Gilded Sword for free, though they do mention something about using only some of the dust and keeping the rest for themselves.