"Mountain Village ahead. Beware of blizzards and deep snow."
— Sign

The Mountain Village is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located on Snowhead, the village features Zubora and Gabora's Mountain Smithy and the pond where Don Gero's Frog Choir is found during spring. Also, there is a cliff overlooking the Mountain Village, where the Goron Graveyard is located.

During winter, the Hungry Goron can be found on an ice outcropping in the Mountain Village. He cannot get down, and he begs for Link to bring him food. If Link brings him the Rock Sirloin hidden in the chandelier in the Goron Shrine, the Goron will give him Don Gero's Mask in return.

During spring, a long tunnel that was previously covered up by heavy snow is revealed, allowing Link quick access to the Goron Graveyard if he uses his Goron form to roll. The previously hidden ladder system leading up to the Goron Graveyard ledge area is also now visible without the use of the Lens of Truth.

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