"My dad, Talon, went to climb Mt. Cucco, so I have to care for our hens. But there's so much I don't know..."

Mt. Cucco is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. A mountainous region located in northeastern Holodrum, it is likely named after a pair of friendly Cuccos that live on the mountain and assist adventurers in climbing otherwise inaccessible cliffs. The Dancing Dragon Dungeon, the fourth dungeon in the game, is found on Mt. Cucco.

Mt. Cucco is accessible by passing through Goron Mountain or by swimming through underwater caves in the Sunken City. The terrain is covered with rock flowers that bloom in only spring and are petrified the rest of the year. In winter, snow banks block some cave entrances and create walkways.

The lower regions of Mt. Cucco are inhabited by mainly Tektites. A few Deku Scrubs also inhabit the area and advise Link on how to climb the cliffs if he defeats them. Farther up Mt. Cucco are more dangerous enemies, such as Moblins and Like Likes.

Talon, sound asleep, can be found in a cave that is blocked off during the winter. Also, the Lonely Goron lives in a cave that can be reached only by jumping off a certain peak of the mountain. He gives Link a larger Ring Box for visiting him. Also, Moosh can be found on Mt. Cucco; he is looking for a way to get to the Spring Banana tree on top of a mountain peak.

The Pyramid Jewel can be found in an underwater cavern on Mt. Cucco, and a Subrosian portal on the mountain will take Link west of the Subrosia Market.


Mt. Cucco