Mutoh's Temple is a dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Once a part of the Cobble Kingdom, this temple is located in the northeast of the Isle of Ruins, acting as a tomb for the late King Mutoh. This enormous gold pyramid is filled to the brim with dangerous booby traps, such as pitfalls. Its main item of value is the Hammer, and its boss is the ancient stone soldier Eox. This is where Link receives the last pure metal, Aquanine, to forge the Phantom Sword.


After Link obtains the Regal Necklace from the Isle of the Dead, he is able to dock at the Isle of Ruins. After going through each of the other three pyramids on the island, Link obtains the King's Key from Doylan. Using it, he is able to access the fourth and final pyramid, which contains the dungeon.


A water switch

Rusty switches located within the dungeon cannot be pressed by Link's weight alone, and must be smashed down with the Hammer. These switches are used often for the purpose of opening a door. The dungeon contains many puzzles involving the raising and lowering of water. Also, a few puzzles utilize the Hammer to flip over red and blue colored tiles. A certain pattern of red and blue must be made in order to solve the puzzle correctly.