"I'm Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom. Thank you for slaying that vile monster. Now the seal has been broken and I'm free!"
— Neri

Neri is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. She is the Spirit of Wisdom, one of the Three Spirits along with Leaf and Ciela.


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Like Leaf and Ciela, Neri was captured by Bellum prior to the events of the game, and sealed away to weaken the Ocean King. Neri is the second spirit Link encounters, after he frees her from Cyclok in the Temple of Wind on the Isle of Gust. After finding Spirit Island and gathering enough Wisdom Gems, Link can power up Neri and use her power to enhance his defense and stun enemies with his shield. Neri is able to open one of the doors in the Temple of the Ocean King. Neri, Ciela and Leaf help Link track down the Ghost Ship to save Tetra.

Neri's symbol is identical to the Mark of Nayru.

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