North Hyrule Field is a region of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Located in the north of the game's map, this region contains no particularly significant places of its own, but serves largely as a crossroads between the six other regions it borders - namely Hyrule Castle Garden to the north, Hyrule Town to the south, Royal Valley and Trilby Highlands to the west, and Lon Lon Ranch and Veil Falls to the east.


As its name suggests, North Hyrule Field is largely flat grassland. However, there are a number of trees in the region, particularly in the east. The southern boundary of the region is formed by the walls of Hyrule Town, the northern boundary by the moat and walls of Hyrule Castle Garden.

As well as dividing the two regions, Hyrule Castle's moat flows into a river which separates off the westernmost part of the North Hyrule Field, making it initially inaccessible to Link. The only way to reach this area for the first time is to enter it from Trilby Highlands; having done this, and having acquired the Cane of Pacci, it is possible to hit a switch which creates a bridge across the river. The river splits in the southwest corner of North Hyrule Field, with once branch flowing off through Hyrule Town and South Hyrule Field, and the other turning into Trilby Highlands and leading into the swamp in Castor Wilds.

In the eastern region, there is a fairy fountain, with a hidden entrance in a tree. However, there is no Great Fairy at this fountain.

The Magical Boomerang can be found in a cavern near the center of the area after performing Kinstone fusions with Ankle, Knuckle, Tingle, and David Jr.


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Link and Zelda pass through this region on their way to Hyrule Castle near the beginning of the game. They are assaulted by a Business Scrub on the path and are unable to pass until Link defeats it with his Small Shield.

Much later on, an important detail of the story is revealed to Link here. As he and Ezlo leave Hyrule Castle Garden and start to head south through North Hyrule Field, they are waylaid by Vaati, who taunts Ezlo before trapping the two heroes inside a rock barrier with two Spear Moblins. After Link defeats the Moblins and the pair escape, Ezlo explains that he and Vaati were both Minish, and Vaati had once been his apprentice. He confesses that it was because of a cap that he had created that Vaati and gained his power, and it was Vaati who had turned Ezlo into a hat.

Aside from during these two story events, the only enemies to be found in North Hyrule Field are a few Octoroks, Crows, and, in one cave, Keese.

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