This article is about the dungeon in Spirit Tracks. For the Phantom Hourglass dungeon with a similar name, see Temple of the Ocean King.

The Ocean Temple above the Ocean
The Ocean Temple on the Ocean Floor

The Ocean Temple, also known as the Marine Temple, is the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located in the Ocean Realm, it is water themed.


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The Ocean Temple's Force Gem

After retrieving the Ocean Realm Rail Map, Link and Princess Zelda are instructed by Anjean to visit the Lokomo Carben, and then proceed to the Ocean Temple to defeat the evil inside and restore the Spirit Tracks and Tower of Spirits. After meeting with Carben at the Ocean Sanctuary, Carben gives Link a letter imparting to him valuable information on how to reach the Ocean Temple. Link and Princess Zelda must find the three statues that, when the Spirit Train's whistle is blown, turn from red to blue. When all the statues are activated in the proper order, a portal in the shape of a catfish with it mouth wide open appears. This portal transports Link and Zelda to the Ocean Floor, revealing more tracks leading to the Ocean Temple. Link avoids the Armored Trains and eventually makes it to the temple.

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While the temple is called the Ocean Temple, there is little water inside the actual dungeon, whether as an element in a puzzle or a trap. Most of the dungeon is located under the sea, however, and the only area above sea level is the arena in which Phytops is fought. Most of the puzzles involve the use of the Whip to swing across gaps. Interestingly, arches covered in thorns greatly resembling Phytops's tentacles are found throughout the dungeon.




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