The Ordona Province (LATOAN) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in the the rustic southernmost region of Hyrule, it is a mountainous region which is named after the Light Spirit, Ordona. The province is made up of Ordon Village, where the Ordon Ranch is located, and Ordon Woods, where the Ordon Spring is found. The incarnation of Link from Twilight Princess hails from this region.

Interestingly, the Hylian on the map spells "Latoan", the Japanese name of the region, instead of "Ordona".


The Ordona Province is apparently a major agricultural region, as can be inferred from the description of the Ordon Goat Cheese and the Ordon Pumpkin from Snowpeak Ruins. Other exports apparently include Ordon Goat horns and milk. Little information is known about the origin of the Ordona Province, and although the Ordona Province is closely associated with Hyrule, it is not always considered part of Hyrule proper.


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It is possible that the Ordona Province is actually the Hylian population of what was once the Kokiri Forest. The presence of Hylians in the Kokiri Forest is not unreasonable as Link's Mother found it during the Hyrulean Civil War. This means that other Hylians could have found entry to the forest, and then eventually split off from the Kokiri population to become the Ordona Province, and the Kokiri Forest then became known as Faron Woods.

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