The Palace of Winds is the fifth dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is located in the Cloud Tops. It was built by the Wind Tribe, who placed the Wind Element within.


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During Link's quest for the Elements with which to infuse the Picori Blade, Link visits the Fortress of Winds in the Wind Ruins just south of Castor Wilds, in order to claim the Wind Element. After defeating the dungeon's boss, Mazaal, Link found only the Ocarina of Wind along with the message left on the Fortress of Winds' rooftop explaining the new whereabouts of the Wind Tribe and the Wind Element.

After obtaining the Water Element from the Temple of Droplets and half of a golden Kinstone from the spirit of King Gustaf, Link makes his way to the top of Veil Falls where he is taken to the Cloud Tops via an updraft. Once Link restores another updraft, he enters the Tower and travels to its roof, which contains a third updraft that takes him to the Palace of Winds above it.

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Inside the Palace of Winds, Link obtains the Roc's Cape, which helps him reach the top of the Palace. At the top, Link finds an updraft, which takes him to the Gyorg Pair that guards the Wind Element. After their defeat, Link gains the Wind Element, the final element required to restore the power of the Four Sword.