The Palace of the Four Sword is a secret dungeon in the Game Boy Advance port of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is located inside the Pyramid, and is accessible only after completing A Link to the Past and Four Swords. The number of medallions Link has does not affect his ability to enter the palace.


The dungeon's main room holds several Dairas as enemies, and five doors leading away. The center door leads to the boss and is blocked by an energy beam, which only the Four Sword can penetrate. The four other doors lead to obstacles that lead to one of the first four Dark World mini-bosses: Helmasaur King, Arrghus, Mothula, and Blind. Each of them holds a shard of the Four Sword.

The mini-bosses are palette swaps of the first four Dark World bosses, and are more powerful than their previous incarnations. The Helmasaur King regains his helmet after a few hits to his weak point, is able to spit out Helmasaurs, is not vulnerable to arrows the first time his mask is destroyed, and must be finished off with an arrow the second time his mask is destroyed. Arrghus now has Bari surrounding it instead of the usual puffballs, and during the second phase of the battle it will move much faster and will be aided by bubbles that attack Link. Mothula separates into three separate entities, only taking damage when the true Mothula is hit, the clones splitting into three Bees when attacked. Unlike in the previous encounter, there are no spikes in the room and the floor does not move. Blind, appearing first as Link's Uncle, now must have all his separated heads knocked back into his body to take damage.

The final bosses are four Dark Links, who must be defeated one at a time in the order of green, red, blue, and purple. Each Dark Link introduces a new special attack, and can use all of the moves of the previous Dark Links, making the battles progressively harder.