The Peak Province (SNOWPEAK) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A province located to the north of Hyrule, it is an arctic mountainous region inhabited by the Yetis, Yeta and Yeto. The Snowpeak mountain range makes up the majority of this region, and the Snowpeak Ruins are housed in the depths of the valleys. Five Imp Poes can be found in this region, as well as a Howling Stone and a Twilight Portal.

Near the entrance to Peak Province, Ashei tells Link that she cannot proceed the Snowpeak mountains because of the blizzards. She says that a beast was in Zora's Domain, and she gives Link a Sketch of the beast. The Sketch is taken to Prince Ralis in King Zora's Grave; he gives Link the Coral Earring to catch a Reekfish. After Link succeeds in catching one, he can, as Wolf Link, sniff it to learn the Reekfish Scent. Then, Link can proceed into the Peak Province. Yeto tells Link that he has the Mirror of Twilight shard, so Link travels to his house to enter a new dungeon, Snowpeak Ruins a mansion covered in snow. After Link obtains the Mirror Shard from the ruins, he may race Yeto and Yeta in a Sledding-like mini-game using an ice shard at the Snowpeak Top for a Piece of Heart.

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