The Pendant of Memories is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A pendant of obvious sentimental and symbolic value, this belongs to Kafei, a man who has mysteriously disappeared.

After being hired to find Kafei and asking about Clock Town with Kafei's Mask, Link eventually manages to set up a meeting with Kafei's fiancée, Anju. She tells him to deliver a letter to Kafei. He successfully does so, and on the afternoon of the Second Day, the door to the Laundry Pool is unlocked. Inside, he finds Kafei, who has been transformed into a child by the Skull Kid.

Kafei puts his trust in Link to deliver his Pendant of Memories, a promise to Anju that he will meet her in her room in the Stock Pot Inn in the hours leading up to the morning of the Carnival of Time. Link delivers it to Anju. However, whether or not they actually meet and are married is dependent on the success of Kafei and Link in Sakon's Hideout.

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