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"A huge sword and shield wielded by guardians of the Tower of Spirits. A Strong Attack transforms the wielder into an iron ball that pushes back enemies who get in the way."
— In-game description

Phantom Arms is the default weapon moveset used by Toon Zelda in Hyrule Warriors. They are weapons used by different Phantoms from the Tower of Spirits.

Using her Strong Attack, Toon Zelda can transform her Phantom into a iron ball (like a Wrecker Phantom) to mow down enemies. She can also fire three Sword Beams at the end of her standard combo. In another combo, Ghost Zelda will leave the Phantom and unleash the Sacred Power of the Spirits causing an eruption of light.

Humorously, during her End Focus Spirit attack, two Rats appear scaring Toon Zelda who flies out of her Phantom and screams in terror, unleashing a burst of light energy that kills the rats and damages any nearby enemies.

Her default Level 1 Phantom Arms is the Protector Sword wielded by normal Phantoms , her Level 2 is the Warp Sword wielded by Warp Phantoms, and her Level 3 is the Wrecker Sword wielded by Wrecker Phantoms.

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