This article is about the Majora's Mask item. For it's appearance in The Wind Waker, see Picto Box.

The Pictograph Box is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This simple camera, allows Link to take and store one black and white picture of anything in the game. In order to take a new pictograph, Link must dispose of the one currently stored. The picture will be lost if Link resets time back to the beginning of the three day cycle. The Pictograph Box can be used with all of the forms Link can assume in the game.

After Link has healed Koume's injury in the Woods of Mystery with a bottle of Red Potion, Link receives the Pictograph Box from Koume in the Swamp Tourist Center in the Southern Swamp if he goes on a Boat Cruise. Link can use it to take a pictograph of either Tingle or the Deku King and show the pictograph to the Guide to receive a Piece of Heart, or 100 Rupees if he has already received the Piece of Heart. Turning in pictures of anything else found in the Woodfall region will win the choice of a Rupee reward or a free Boat Cruise. The Pictograph Contest ends after Link defeats Odolwa, cleansing the swamp of its poison.

The Pictograph Box is also used to take a photo of a Gerudo to give to the Fisherman in exchange for the Seahorse. Additionally, if Link speaks to the Zora on Zora Hall's balcony while in Mikau's form, he can sell any number of pictures of Lulu for 20 Rupees each.

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