"A picture of Zelda and the five Champions, taken after the inauguration ceremony at Hyrule Castle. Kass gifted you this precious item after completing The Champions' Ballad."
— In-game description

The Picture of the Champions is a key item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is offered by Kass on the Great Plateau after singing the complete Champions' Ballad, during the main quest "EX Champions' Ballad" triggered upon "The Champions' Ballad" DLC pack 2 installation.

If Link has completed the Side Quest "Hylian Homeowner" the Picture of the Champions will appear next to Link's Bed in Link's House in Hateno Village.

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Before the Great Calamity, Purah used the Camera Rune to take a picture of the Champions during their inauguration ceremony. However Daruk surprised everyone by hugging his fellow Champions resulting in a humorous and candid group photo. Mipha later wrote in her diary she was thankful to Daruk for literally bringing her and Link close together. At some point the Sheikah Slate's album data was accessed and the picture was printed by Purah using Sheikah technology. This print became the Picture of the Champions which ended up in the possession of Zelda's Sheikah court poet who kept it as a keepsake for the rest of his life before passing it onto his Rito student Kass. This may explain why Kass assists Link as he likely recognizes him from the picture of the champions. After Link helps Kass complete his mentor's unfinished work The Champions' Ballad, Kass rewards Link with the picture feeling he will cherish it. Kass also reveals his mentor went to his death believing the Hylian Champion would return.

Link does indeed cherish it as a memento of his fellow Champions and places it next to his bed in his house in Hateno Village. It is unclear if he ever informed his surviving allies Purah, Robbie, Impa, Princess Zelda, or King Dorephan about acquiring it.

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