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Princess Styla as she appeared before the curse

Princess Styla is the princess of Hytopia in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. She was cursed by a witch in the Drablands to wear an ugly, irremovable jumpsuit. As a result, her father King Tuft inspired by the legend of the Tri Force Heroes had Sir Combsly create a witch hunting brigade to journey through the Drablands and find the Witch. Meanwhile, Princess Styla remained locked up in her room, afraid to be seen in her cursed jumpsuit. Later after Link (and the other Tri Force Heroes) defeat Margoma and obtain The Lady's Glasses, King Tuft summons him. There he meets King Tuft and Princess Styla. Eventually Styla returns to her room, however she occasionally ventures into town to secretly cheer Link on and will talk to Link briefly if he approaches her, though she will flee back to the castle afterwards. If Link examines the area near where Princess Styla was he may find a secret.

After Link manages to obtain the three Materials necessary for Madam Couture to complete the Lady's Ensemble, he must wear it and go to the Hytopia Castle throne room, in order to use its power to free Princess Styla of the Cursed Tights. After being freed from the now Semi-Cursed Tights she gives them to Link as a gift for freeing her from them. This unlocks the Semi-Cursed Tights as a wearable outfit.

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