Rolling Ridge is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. This mountain range can be found in the north-easternmost part of Labrynna and is home to the Gorons. To the south is Yoll Graveyard, and to the southwest is Lynna City.


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Link first encounters the Goron Elder, who has been buried by boulders. After clearing them with a Bomb Flower, Link will be given the Crown Key. This allows him to enter the Crown Dungeon in the present. At the Goron Gallery, Link can win Lava Juice, as well as other prizes. By giving the Lava Juice to another Goron, Link can get a Letter of Introduction to the Graceful Goron. This will allow Link to dance with the Graceful Goron in the Goron Dance Hall for the Mermaid Key. This grants Link entry to the Mermaid's Cave in the past.


Link encounters the Great Moblin in his keep. After defeating him, Link earns a Bomb Flower. After obtaining the Crown Key, Link can enter the Crown Dungeon. In the Goron Dance Hall, Link can once again dance with the Graceful Goron to earn prizes and the Brother Emblem. At Target Carts Link can obtain the Rock Brisket and other prizes. Link can also win the Old Mermaid Key by completing a mini-game called Big Bang, which he can play after giving the proprietor Goronade. After obtaining the Old Mermaid Key, Link can enter the Mermaid's Cave in the present.

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