"That's Romani's Mask, isn't it? That is a nice mask. It is a sentimental item that exudes a lot of maturity."
Happy Mask Salesman

Romani's Mask (ローマニのお面, Romani no Omen?) is a mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. One of the twenty-four masks in the game, Romani's Mask is considered a proof of "adulthood", which in this case is more of a state of mind than an actual age. It also serves the dual purpose of being a proof of membership for the Milk Bar in East Clock Town.


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After aiding Romani in saving the cows of Romani Ranch from "Them" on the Night of the First Day, Cremia finally has an opportunity to deliver milk to Clock Town again, since Link removed the roadblock at Milk Road before. Between 6:00 and 7:PM on the Night of the Second Day, Link can join her on her milk run. However, Milk Road has been blocked yet again, this time by an impassable fence, forcing them to take a detour through the Gorman Track. Sensing that something is afoul, Cremia admonishes Link to ready his Hero's Bow to shake off eventual pursuers.

Sure enough, the Gorman Brothers, having disguised themselves with Garo's Masks, give chase and attempt to smash Cremia's jars of milk. If Link is able to save the Milk Delivery, Cremia rewards him with Romani's Mask, recognizing him as a true adult. Subsequently, he may use the mask to enter the Milk Bar and buy exclusive Chateau Romani from Mr. Barten. On the Night of the Final Day, Cremia acknowledges Romani's adulthood as well, promising her a taste of Chateau Romani. When Romani asks her if she will receive a Romani's Mask as well, Cremia promises to make one for her, and allows her to sleep in her bed that night.

Interestingly, none of the bar's other patrons are seen wearing Romani's Mask, however wearing the mask inside the bar does not appear to be mandatory as Link can wear other masks once he is inside. Presumably the mask is only worn to gain entry into the bar at night and can be worn inside the bar at the patron's discretion.

Majora's Mask 3D

Render of a Mooranha

In the 3DS remake, Romani's Mask has an additional function of attracting Mooranha at the Swamp Fishing Hole allowing Link to catch one with a Fishing Rod while wearing it. This is due to the mask being based on a Cow which is the Mooranha favorite prey as the fish is known as the Swampland Cow Killer.

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Romani's Mask is based on a Cow and is used in a manner similar to an identification card or driver's license in real world (which are often used by various establishments to verify a person's age).