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"The dignified uniform for Hyrule's Royal Guard. It's made of lightweight materials and is both stylish and practical. It's a rather rare find."
— Royal Guard Uniform description

The Royal Guard Uniform is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a thematic body armor originally worn by the Royal Guard one hundred years before Breath of the Wild. It is one of the three pieces of the "The Royal Guard Uniform" set along with the Royal Guard Cap and Boots.

It can be obtained during the Side Quest "EX Royal Guard Rumors" upon "The Champions' Ballad" DLC pack 2 installation.

It can be found in an EX Treasure Chest the secret room in the hallway leading to the castle armory near the Dining Hall containing a Royal Guard's Sword in a pedestal. The room can be accessed by destroying the Weak Wall with a Remote Bomb, Bomb Arrows, or certain weapons such as Iron Sledgehammer or Stone Smasher if Link hadn't already done so.


Level Armor Sell Effect Set Bonus
Basic 4 15 N/A Charge Atk. Stamina Up

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