"You have upgraded to the Sacred Bow! It uses a sacred power of the goddess to rain a terrible force upon your enemies."
— In-game description
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The Sacred Bow is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is the upgrade to the Iron Bow. The Sacred Bow is significantly more effective and accurate than the regular Bow. Like the other bows in the game, it can fire charged arrows, which will spin in a drill-like fashion, to deal double damage. The Sacred Bow is the strongest weapon in the game, killing all but the most powerful of non-boss opponents in one hit whereas the Master Sword usually kills in two.

The Sacred Bow can be obtained by upgrading the Iron Bow at the Scrap Shop in the Skyloft Bazaar, using five Tumbleweeds, three Lizard Tails, two Evil Crystals, one Goddess Plume, and 100 Rupees.

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Hyrule Warriors

The Sacred Bow appears as the Item Power-Up for the Bow. It will fire arrows from several different directions when used dealing more wide spread damage to a group of enemies. In main story's final scenario Liberation of the Triforce, the player character receives Sacred Bow and Light Arrows as a permanent power-up for the rest of the battle with Ganon and its power is boosted by the player character's remaining allies.

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