Samasa Desert is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It is located in southeastern Holodrum. The only entrance to the desert is a small gate found on the Eastern Coast. It can be opened by obtaining the correct password from the Piratian in the House of Pirates.

The desert itself is full of quicksand pits that lead to underground caverns. Leevers and Pokeys are prevalent throughout the desert and are the only notable forms of life aside from a few cacti. An oasis with a Fairy Fountain can be found in the northeast corner of the desert. Near the oasis is the skull of the Desert Piratian.

The prow of the Pirate Ship can be found in the center of the desert. Using the Piratian's skull from the oasis, Link can find the ship's bell for Cap'n. After returning the bell, the ship is raised out of the desert and docks at the Western Coast.

The Rang Ring L-1 can be found if Link falls down the southernmost quicksand area and follows the underground passage.


Samasa Desert