The Sand Realm is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A region of New Hyrule, it is home to the Sand Sanctuary and the Sand Temple. The other four realms take up each of the four squares on the Rail Map. For this reason, the southern and northern sides of the Sand Realm are located within the Ocean Realm and the Fire Realm, respectively. Trains that pass through the area are often subject to attack from packs of Malgyorgs. There is a Space-time Gate at a dead end at the eastern part of the Sand Realm that will allow the Spirit Train to return to the western part through its gate.


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Link and Princess Zelda must travel to the Sand Temple in order to obtain the Bow of Light, the legendary weapon said to have the power to defeat the evil Malladus. Anjean states that to reach the Sand Temple, they must complete three trials. The three trials are defeating a Rocktite, traversing the Twisted Tunnels, and destroying all of the cannons defending the Sand Temple itself. After completing each trial, Link and Zelda enter the Sand Temple, the temple stated by Anjean to be Link's toughest challenge yet. There, Link destroys the evil Skeldritch and obtains the Bow of Light. Link now possesses the power to defeat Malladus and save Zelda's body.

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