The Sea of Storms is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. This large body of water is found in southern Labrynna. It is located just east of the Zora Seas and southwest of the Sea of No Return.

The Sea of Storms takes its name from its deep, treacherous waters, which are surrounded by many Whirlpools. Zora are the only creatures which have managed to settle and survive here. The ring of whirlpools that surround the sea can be entered only at one point, but by order of the King Zora, it is guarded.

After completing the seventh dungeon, Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Link is given the Zora Scale, allowing him to enter the ring of whirlpools in the past. There, he finds the trapped Cap'n and his crew. Link trades the captain his Zora Scale for the Tokay Eyeball, enabling his ship to escape the sea and travel to Holodrum.

Linked Game

In a normal playthrough, there is no possible way to enter the Sea of Storms in the present, making it impossible to completely explore the map in the present; however, in a linked Oracle of Ages game, a Zora can be found underwater south of the seas in the present. After completing the seventh dungeon and obtaining the Zora Scale, he allows Link to enter. Furthermore, the normal entrance in a linked game is now blocked by a whirlpool and the entrance in the present serves as the only entrance to the Sea.

The Pirate Ship, now coming from Holodrum is trapped in the Sea of Storms in the Present. After giving Cap'n the Zora Scale, it leaves, heading off to further explore the seas.